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This is a disastrous year for seoer, with frequent accidents. Degrees Niang frequent adjustment, yellow card mistakenly sent off the field of the example of many numerous, really make countless stationmaster tears full lapel. But is the mother's frequent adjustment really as it says it blows to those who use black hat to cheat the station? Let me give you a positive two examples to speak with facts (not a P). First come up with a website I maintain the data to explain it, this site should be barely an old station, is based on education and training.

I do SEO is absolutely authentic white hat gimmick, behave to do the station for several months to long tail keyword up a lot of traffic is also increased evenly, in 10.20-10.22 this black weekend, the flow of 6000IP long tail keyword only one-fifteenth. Got the booked I hurriedly all aspects of inspection, but check to find out or found that all aspects are normal, which makes me baffled, just Baidu sent a hyperlink cheat algorithm upgrade but I did not cheat! Niang ah you want to let us these bitter force stationmaster live more bitter force? Fellow colleagues you can also help to check what advice you can contact me.

Here is another example of this station webmaster is very good. He passed the black chain on the other website by way of hanging used to do black hat SEO, the site has a good hundreds of with webmaster tools to check the next dish of the network of more than 500,000 of the day, the daily income of more than 1w, the more funny is this webmaster for resources to enjoy the exclusive also help the Web site to make up the loophole. Here is a picture of the evidence:


Webmaster platform to check


Love the station to check


Using a Third-party query tool to view its external chain, found a large number of "dark chain" "black chain" conservative estimates more than hundreds of


I wonder if it is because the connection of the word is Baidu audio-visual, so the Niang selective ignore


The source code of the black website ...

See the webmaster also do not have to try, because I have tried the black station of the loophole has been fully filled up, we work hard every day out of the chain, write articles, to do the promotion of only 2000 yuan per month, these people with garbage station + hanging black chain method of more than 1w, with white hat classmate you psychological balance?


Proof of vulnerability


They're all black stations.

Heard that there is a security report called the Cloud Platform, reported to Baidu, but was selectively ignored, excuse me, this is why pinch? Do we work hard and orderly every day to do the station worth it? Also heard that the network webmaster is a woman oh (I do not know true or false)

Although the heart is not balanced, but I will adhere to the white hat of the way, say Grand point bar for the user experience, I believe that my station will be more and more good, please white hat webmaster must be firm in their position do not go wrong. Please give me a lot of support for my website Entrepreneurship Education

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