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Baidu search engine for the previous period of a large number of tuning algorithm, leading to some of our webmaster's magnanimous K station, ranking off several pages. This algorithm changes degrees This is also Baidu search engine will be more focused on the user experience in the direction of heavy hand, the fight against illegal web sites and black Hat SEO and so on, we can see from the following aspects, we have to do a good job of their own website.

1. This is the latest new launch, you may wish to try now login Baidu account > and then search for some keywords, you will appear in the first search when the link below "Add to Baidu Home" words, the mouse will be prompted "You can visit the Baidu home page directly." For example, search for "A5", similar to the following figure:


From the above figure can be seen, this function and Baidu search Tibet, Baidu share almost the same.

2. Earlier Baidu launched a new version of the first page, can be seen to adjust after the Baidu new home page not only according to our vast number of users to use the behavior and habits of accurate search results to recommend, and also optimize the rich Web site, applications, entertainment and other resources, more so that we use more convenient.


3. Baidu Web2.0 Information anti-spam page grand launch, the introduction of new features do not know whether Baidu followed the introduction of foreign Google Panda algorithm and Penguin algorithm, only from the introduction of Google, Baidu elder brother also appeared in front of everyone. Baidu's Baidu Web2.0 information anti-spam mainly or specifically to combat some sites above the existence of garbage information processing, for some use and amplification Web2.0 development of some open source cms,bbs,blog, such as the existence of loopholes in the process of cheating mass spam information. This function is very powerful, if Baidu can update him well, can perform well, or for some black hat SEO technology to do some comprehensive sweep!

Believe that Baidu algorithm for more emphasis on user experience in this area to resolve the vast expanse of the Internet information, we want to come out from this sea, but also need us to work harder to carry out, so that we can embark on the path of light shining shiny.

Of course, Baidu's algorithm is always in the adjustment, we can not understand and can not control, we have to do is how to let users have a good experience in our site and a deep impression, to increase the user experience, retain users is our main goal, how to say "Customer is God", "customer is a food and clothing parents", Such a site can go on for a long time, really do the retention of the user is to retain the "money", this is the king! Well, think of all day writing this article, A5 is a good site, because it is worth our webmaster attention. This article by (from where the member reaches the person to collect) original, A5 the first, reprint please reserve the source, thanks the cooperation! Above is purely personal opinion, if have different opinion welcome to point out.

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