Baidu Alliance WAP Advertising anti-blocking and application of domain name failure reasons

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Just now, the tribe found its own Baidu Alliance after the cooperative management, incredibly more out of an "anti-shielding settings", is currently WAP ads, so that, your ads will not be blocked by the browser, thus bringing the flow of cash. To be honest, a small web site like a tribal owner, without the revenue of an ad league, Do not have much meaning, so for users, if your idea is to screen out all the ads on the site, then you will not see a lot of good content.
The official pointed out that the Baidu Alliance advertising anti-shielding setting is designed to solve mobile web (WAP) traffic on the Alliance ads are part of the browser filtering, through the user Configuration CNAME mapping to help complete the advertising position, to help users to achieve flow, to ensure that the media reasonable income.
Of course, the tribe has not yet tested, so it has opened the mobile end of the friend, you can go to test it first.
Baidu Alliance anti-masking the reason for the failure of the domain name
Here's the first thing to say, a lot of friends hint, now apply for domain name has a lot of friends is not successful, the reason, the official did not give, the tribe found a method, usually submit unsuccessful domain name, in the Baidu cloud acceleration are recorded. And Baidu cloud acceleration in the use of code, It is the source from Baidu Cloud acceleration. The two have clashed.
The solution is also very simple, the Baidu Alliance to apply for the anti-shield domain name, from the Baidu cloud acceleration to remove, and then again in the anti-shield settings added on the line.
In addition, to add, this method from the network, Self-Test Bar, the tribe did not test.
Baidu Alliance WAP Advertising anti-shielding operation process
1. First of all, we found the Setup page in cooperative management-> anti-shielding settings.
2. Next, we directly add the anti-shielding domain name: Click "Add domain Name", and complete the user's own domain name and Baidu to the generation of domain name (user-configured), the user's own domain name requirements: Two valid two level domain (please be sure to access, and have administrative rights)
3. Click to confirm, you can immediately get a CNAME to point to the mapping domain name, as shown below:
4. In the operator to establish a domain name CNAME (user operation), will be the return of the Baidu Alliance mapping domain name and the user initially provided the level two domain name set up mapping.
For example: map into map into
Here tribal hint, in fact, many friends are now used by the Dnspod parsing, directly into the dnspod background for the corresponding analysis can be.
5. Waiting for Baidu Alliance detection CNAME point of entry into force, the official tip, the longest wait 1 hours.
6. After parsing takes effect, we do the reverse masking binding in code bit management.
The official noted the following items: In the ad bit get code in the Bullet window, the condition of the mobile Code anti-Shield setting appears:
1. Application for white list
2. CNAME point State is "effective"
3. Code bit type is: mobile embedded and suspended type
7. Next, get the corresponding code directly.
Please tick at the Set counter screen.
To get this block of anti masking code, deploy this code to your page.
The current scheme is a temporary experimental program, not necessarily 100% effective.
Advertising counter-shielding this recruit believe that will still be big by Webmaster friends Welcome, but the effect of how good, the current tribe is not clear. It is estimated that it will not be long before the PC-side counter Shield code is on line.

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