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I have never stopped talking about silk. As an it silk, I am even a little disgusted with this word. In my understanding, diaosi is the representative of being short and poor. Of course, it is not always short and poor. Why do I not like this word, because I do not like diaosi, although I am myself, I hope to change this situation. The first impression that it men give is the technology, house, not good at communication, and even blushing when talking to girls.

In fact, many people sayProgramWhat's wrong with love? I think too. If you work overtime all day long, will girls like you? Can you meet girls when you stay at home all day on Saturday or Sunday, every day, people who deal with programs encounter girls who don't have a word for a long time. They just ask "what are you doing" and "have you eaten ". Girls are more or less fond of a bit of fun, a little delicious, and a little emotional. Because at home, what we want is life rather than work.

Why is there such a feeling, because yesterday I saw that I had invited Baidu cloud's it house, a project manager, with 1000 people in his hand, and 4 ~ in his pocket ~ Five mobile phones are required to test the mobile platform for work purposes.

When talking about the subject of falling in love, the following is the conversation between the host and him:

The host asked: "Why does it break up"
He said: "I didn't have time to accompany her, and people raised their opinions ."
The host asked: "Why is there no time"
Answer: "I thought I didn't need to work overtime today. As a result, I have to work overtime today ".
HOST: "Who asked you to add a class ?"
A: "No one actually needs to work overtime, so I feel that I need to work overtime before I finish my work"

In fact, I can understand it very well because I am also a programmer and it seems that I am not doing well because of my sense of responsibility and I have not finished my work. But I will ask, "Can this be done? Even if you can't finish working overtime every day, because things can never be done, this is done, and the next thing is waiting for you. "Since you always have to leave time for your technology, then you can marry yourself to the technology.

Let's talk about 360. Some girls stood on the stage. The host Wang Han told them to choose the type of girl they thought they liked and stick their hearts to others. How did they ask other girls? "Have you installed our 360 guard? I will post it to you when you installed it." I think girls are helpless, too. In fact, I think: if a girl looks pretty, she may not be able to see you at all. Why should I install your 360 girl? What is amazing if you don't post it, many people follow me.

In fact, I don't mean anything. I am also a programmer. I just want to express my feelings, why should we become a programmer like this? In fact, Baidu and 360 of its employees are excellent talents, and their income should be good. But why can't many of them find their girlfriends? Baidu's Project Manager manages more than 1000 people, well, it should be a successful career. It should be worth millions of yuan a year. Think for yourself, if you are a girl, will you be fond of a person dressed up very ordinary and standing up for half a day without a word? Even if the other party's economic conditions may be good, I guess it should be a little worse, but people who know more about life.

We always laugh at ourselves as diaosi. In fact, diaosi is not a good word. You always laugh at yourself and don't want to change. Is it a bit of a bad feeling. Work is for life, but work is never the whole of life!

I hope that all programmers can work as little as possible without working overtime. On Sunday, they will go out to play and stroll around the street. They will be interested in fashion, photography, travel, movies, etc, I believe this will change, and you will find that you will love your life more and more, rather than getting stuck in technology cages all day. As a matter of fact, when you are old, you may find that you have worked hard for it, dedicated technology for the rest of your life, and have not brought much more to you. On the contrary, those non-technical professionals may be more successful than you.

Wish all it compatriots good health and a happy New Year!

Hey, are you ready to work overtime today? Let's go back early today. Maybe you will dream about Lin Zhiling at night.

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