Baidu and Google included in the process

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we can clearly see that Google's inclusion is far more than Baidu, probably everyone is not very clear Baidu and Google included in the way, because Baidu included in Google included in the process is not the same, so it will lead to Baidu included less than Google, but we use the site command query not come out, Does not mean that Baidu did not detect your new page, but your new page did not pass the Baidu algorithm audit. So today Feng Yaozong and everyone to talk about Baidu and Google included laws.

First, Baidu included the core points

1. weight

Of course, I said that the weight can not use webmaster tools to define, because webmaster tools so-called weight could cheat, I said the weight is Baidu on your site's credibility issues. And Baidu officially did not use a certain word to define the credibility, so I personally referred to as the weight. When the weight of our site is high, then your collection is very fast, because for a high-weight site, Baidu Spider almost an hour to stay in your site.

2. Quality

The quality of the article, do not think you copy a lot of articles Baidu will soon be included, in time you copied the object page is not included, does not mean you this article is high-quality original article, so you object of the site page has been Baidu crawl past, just because his website credibility is not enough, and not released. Therefore, the original article is best to own ideas to edit their own articles, of course, information can go online reference. Because you may not know some of your industry's technical information content.

3. Voting

a new station of the highest weight is definitely on the home page, so we do in the chain, appropriate in the homepage to add content pages of the link, many sites have done this, the purpose is mainly to bring added value to users, but also to the inside of the page to vote. Includes the inner chain of the article page. Of course, we can not casually add anchor text links, need more article needs to add, only the home page of the vote may not be enough, we need to go through the SEO outside the chain to vote to improve the weight of our website.

Second, Google included core points

1. PR value

when we set up a new site, may send a chain or even do not need to send outside the chain and do not need to submit to Google is included, in fact, Google search engine technology is very powerful, when someone visit your site is easy to be included, Alexa rankings are also the same statistic. Of course, there are very few are not included in Google, but also because of the weight of the high and low to define.

2. site Map

If our site is rich in content, but Google is only included in the homepage, we can use the site map to let Google search engine crawl. Google will soon be included in your.

3. Original content

It looks like you are copying the article, Google will be easy to include, but I can tell you, Google for the original than Baidu also pay attention to. So when we edit the content of the time remember Oh.

Summary: Included good not necessarily ranked good, ranking good must be included. So we need to include high-quality content. If you have all the high-quality content, then your ranking must be very good.

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Baidu and Google included in the process

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