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Baidu website "Baidu and webmaster" part of the content of the update, which a lot of information can be worth our digging. By reading the text information, we can see that Baidu seems to be changing its previous view of SEO, reasonable search engine optimization finally accepted by it.

Web Page Collection Problem

1: How to let my website (independent website or blog) is included in Baidu?

Baidu will include Web sites and Web pages that match the user's search experience.

In order to encourage Baidu Spider to find your site faster, you can also submit to us your site's portal site. Submit address is: http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html. You can only submit the first page, without submitting a detailed content page.

Baidu's web-site collection mechanism, only with the value of the Web page, and bidding rankings and other commercial factors have no connection.

2: How to make my Web page is not included in Baidu?

Baidu strictly follows the search Engine robots protocol (details, see http://www.robotstxt.org/).

You can write a robots file to limit your site to all pages or parts of the directory page is not included in Baidu. See: How to Write a robots file.

If your site is included in Baidu after the installation of the robots file, then the document is usually in two weeks, the content of the file limit will be removed from Baidu search results.

If your refusal is included in the demand is very urgent, you can also send mail to webmaster@baidu.com request processing.

3: Why some of my site does not set a link to the privacy of the Web page, or even the need to access the Web page, will also be included in Baidu?

Baidu Spider to the Web page crawl, is through the webpage and the link between the webpage realizes.

The type of link between Web pages, in addition to the site's internal page links, there are links between different sites. As a result, some pages cannot be accessed even through internal links to your site, but if someone else's site has links to those pages, those pages will be included in the search engine.

Baidu Spider access rights, and ordinary users are the same. As a result, the average user does not have access to the content, and Spider does not have permission to access it. The reason why some access restrictions appear to be included in the content of Baidu, for two points:

A. This content has no permission restrictions when spider access, but after crawling, the content's permissions have changed
B. This content has permission restrictions, but due to web site security vulnerabilities, users can be directly accessed through certain special paths. And once such a path is posted on the Internet, spider will follow this path to grasp the restricted content

If you do not want these privacy content to be included in Baidu, on the one hand can be limited by the webmaster@baidu.com agreement, on the other hand, can also contact the solution.

4: Why does my web page disappear from Baidu search results?

Baidu does not promise that all pages can be searched from Baidu.

If your Web page can not search from Baidu for a long time, or suddenly disappear from Baidu's search results, possible reasons are:

A. Your site's server is unstable, temporarily removed by Baidu; After stability, the problem will be solved
B. Your Web page content is not in accordance with national laws and regulations of the place
C. Your Web page does not conform to the user's search experience
D. Other technical issues

The following statements are false and unfounded:

A. Participate in Baidu bid ranking but not renewed, will disappear from Baidu search results
B. Participate in other search engine advertising items, will disappear from Baidu search results
C. With Baidu's website generated competition, will disappear from Baidu search results
D. The flow from Baidu is too large, will disappear from Baidu search results

5: What kind of Web page will be Baidu is no value and not be included in Baidu or from the existing search results disappear?

Baidu is only included in Baidu think valuable pages. Any changes in the search results of any Web page are the result of machine algorithm calculation and adjustment. The following types of web pages, Baidu clearly will not welcome:

A. Web pages do a lot of search engine rather than user processing, so that users from the search results to see the content and the actual content of the page is completely different, or make the Web page in the search results to get an inappropriate ranking, resulting in users have been deceived feeling.
If you have more of these pages in your site, this may affect your entire site's page collection and sorting.
B. Web pages are highly repetitive content copied from the Internet.
C. There are elements in the Web page that do not conform to Chinese laws and regulations.

6: If my site because of cheating and disappear from Baidu search results, whether there is a possibility of being reproduced?

Those who make a complete revision of the site, is the opportunity to be indexed by Baidu. Baidu will be processed on a regular basis to automatically assess the site, and to meet the requirements of the re-indexed.

It should be explained that the Baidu Technology and product Department is only responsible for the user search experience. The following statements are false and unfounded:

A. I become the Advertiser of Baidu or affiliate website, can be included again
B. I give Baidu a number of banknotes, you can be included again
C. I know someone in Baidu, you can be included again

7: My website updated, but Baidu included content has not updated how to do?

Baidu regularly updates all pages automatically (including removing dead links, updating domain name changes, updating content changes). So please be patient for a while and the changes on your website will be detected and corrected by Baidu.

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