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The content of the "Baidu and webmaster" section of the Baidu website has been updated, and a lot of information is worth exploring. By reading the text, we can see that Baidu seems to be switching its previous views on SEO, and reasonable search engine optimization is finally accepted by it.

Webpage indexing problems

1: How can I get my website (independent website or blog) indexed by Baidu?

Baidu will include websites and webpages that match the user search experience.

To enable Baidu Spider to quickly discover your website, you can also submit your website's portal URL to us. The submission address is http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html. You only need to submit the home page without submitting detailed content pages.

Baidu's webpage indexing mechanism is only related to the value of the webpage and has no association with commercial factors such as bidding rankings.

2: How can I prevent my webpage from being indexed by Baidu?

Baidu strictly follows the search engine Robots protocol (for details, see http://www.robotstxt.org /).

You can write a Robots file to restrict all webpages on your website or webpages under some directories from being indexed by Baidu. For details, see: How to Write a Robots file.

If you set up a Robots file after your website is indexed by Baidu, the Robots file usually takes effect within two weeks. The content restricted by the file will be removed from Baidu search results.

If your rejection request is urgent, you can also send an email to the webmaster@baidu.com for processing.

3: Why are some private webpages without links on my website, or even webpages requiring access permissions, also indexed by Baidu?

Baidu Spider crawls webpages through links between webpages.

The types of links between webpages, in addition to page links within the site, there are also links between different websites. Therefore, some webpages cannot be accessed through internal links of your website. However, if other websites have links to these pages, these pages will still be indexed by search engines.

Baidu Spider has the same access permissions as ordinary users. Therefore, normal users do not have the permission to access the content, and Spider does not. There are two reasons why some access restriction content is indexed by Baidu:

A. This content has no permission restrictions when being accessed by the Spider, but after being crawled, the permission of the content has changed.
B. This content has permission restrictions. However, due to website security vulnerabilities, users can directly access it through some special paths. Once such a path is published on the Internet, the Spider will capture restricted content following this path.

If you do not want these privacy content to be indexed by Baidu, on the one hand you can use the Robots Protocol to limit; on the other hand, you can also contact the webmaster@baidu.com to solve.

4: Why does my webpage disappear from Baidu search results?

Baidu does not promise that all webpages can be searched from Baidu.

If your webpage cannot be searched from Baidu for a long time or suddenly disappears from Baidu's search results, the possible reasons are:

A. Your Website server is not stable and is temporarily removed by Baidu. After the server is stable, the problem will be solved.
B. Your webpage content does not comply with national laws and regulations.
C. Your webpage does not match your search experience
D. Other technical issues

The following statements are false and unfounded:

A. If you have participated in the Baidu bidding ranking but are not yet ranked, the results will disappear from the baidu search results.
B. if you participate in Advertisement projects of other search engines, the items will disappear from Baidu search results.
C. Competing with Baidu's websites will disappear from Baidu's search results
D. The traffic obtained from Baidu is too large and will disappear from Baidu search results

5: What kind of web page will be regarded as worthless by Baidu rather than indexed by Baidu or disappear from existing search results?

Baidu only includes webpages that Baidu deems valuable. Any change in the search results of a Web page is the result of calculation and adjustment of machine algorithms. Baidu does not welcome the following types of web pages:

A. the web page has done a lot of processing for search engines rather than users, so that the content you see from the search results is completely different from the actual content on the page, or, the webpage gets an inappropriate ranking in the search results, resulting in a sense of deception.
If there are many such pages on your website, this may affect the page indexing and sorting of your entire website.
B. Web pages are highly repetitive content copied from the Internet.
C. The webpage contains content that does not comply with Chinese laws and regulations.

6: If my website disappears from Baidu's search results due to cheating, is it possible to be indexed again?

Any website that makes a complete correction has the opportunity to be reindexed by Baidu. Baidu will perform regular automatic evaluation on the site to be processed and record qualified users.

It should be noted that Baidu technology and product departments are only responsible for user search experience. The following statements are both false and unfounded:

A. I become an advertisement customer of Baidu or A website of the Alliance, so that I can be rerecorded.
B. I will give Baidu several banknotes to record them.
C. If I know someone in Baidu, I can be indexed again.

7: My website has been updated, but the content indexed by Baidu has not been updated yet. What should I do?

Baidu regularly updates all webpages (including removing dead links, updating domain name changes, and updating content changes ). Therefore, please wait patiently for a while and the changes on your website will be noticed and corrected by Baidu.

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