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Baidu Antivirus is Baidu company and computer anti-virus experts to produce a new anti-virus software, a collection of Baidu's powerful cloud computing, massive data learning capabilities and Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine professional ability, a change anti-virus software card machine bloated image, to provide users with lightweight card machine product experience. Baidu Antivirus Solemn promise: Permanent free, do not harass users, do not coerce users, do not peep user privacy!

Triple Antivirus service: Active defense! Live monitoring! Baidu Antivirus Active defense function can be an attempt to attack your personal computer malicious acts of active identification, and inform you of the possible risks, reduce the possibility of personal computer damage. Real-time monitoring can monitor all of the processes in your computer's operation in real time and nip the danger in the bud. The independent killing function provides you with the lightning killing (fast killing), the whole killing, the custom killing three kinds of choice, you may according to your need to choose, carries on the scanning examination to your personal computer.

Baidu Antivirus already has clean infection virus, Trojan horse, Worm, backdoor program and so on threat PC security virus or the procedure ability, we will continue to improve the Baidu antivirus, enhance your use experience.

Baidu Cloud Security program, bring all-round protection when the user's computer there is a suspected virus program, or the program has suspected virus suspicious behavior, and Baidu Cloud query server does not exist on the program file samples, in order to Baidu Antivirus can better use the cloud database to serve you, we hope you to join the "Baidu Cloud security plan." Baidu Antivirus will be in the user agreed to add to Baidu Cloud query server to send file fingerprints to query file security level.

Low-configuration computer can also use Baidu antivirus program lightweight, as long as your personal equipment to meet the following benchmark configuration, can run smoothly.

CPU:1.4G above

Memory: More than 512M

Hard disk: More than 500M of free disk space

Network: More than Kbps

Operating system: Windows xp/vista/windows 7

Compatible mainstream software Baidu Antivirus can be compatible with mainstream software. If you find that there is software and Baidu Anti-Virus is not compatible, please contact us, we will 1 to 1 to provide you with solutions, contact us on the official website of the help page to find.

Respect user privacy Baidu Antivirus commitment: Without user permission, never secretly scan the user hard disk or upload files.

Users can install the software by looking at the "Baidu User installation License Agreement" to determine whether to authorize Baidu Antivirus in your personal equipment to install, operation, the agreement of the user's privacy in a detailed definition, and introduced the Baidu antivirus "Baidu Cloud security Plan", you can be viewed when needed. In addition, users can be in the Baidu "Settings" window to choose not to join the "Baidu Cloud security plan."

Q: What are the common computer threats and what are the hazards? Trojan is the most common computer threat, Trojan is the intrusion of user computers, opportunistic steal account password malicious program. Usually, the Trojan will automatically run, in the user login game account or other (such as net silver, chat) account, record the user entered the account password and sent to the designated mailbox, thereby stealing user account password, transfer account of the virtual property, to you caused loss. You can use professional anti-virus tools (such as: Baidu Antivirus) to protect against computer viruses.

Q: How does Baidu antivirus kill virus? Baidu Antivirus software has "lightning Kill", "Total Kill", "Custom killing" three virus killing mode, you can choose the mode you need to kill the virus.

"Lightning killing" to your computer system in the key location procedures and documents scanned killing, fast and lightweight.

"Total killing" on your computer system of all documents scanned killing, overall security.

"Custom Killing" to your designated computer location for killing, convenient and flexible.

Q: How did you find the virus handled? The virus will bring you an incalculable loss, and we recommend that you clear it immediately. If you think the reported virus is your normal document or program, that is, you think that Baidu anti-virus produced false positives, please select the "Ignore" operation. We also sincerely kindly please you through the feedback platform to upload false positives information, which will help us to continuously improve our products.

Q: How can stubborn virus not be removed? For some stubborn viruses, you need to reboot the computer to completely clear, we recommend that you restart the computer immediately. Q: When killing the virus, if you accidentally clear the normal file how to do? Baidu Antivirus software will be purged of the files or procedures transferred to the quarantine zone. You can find the quarantine area in the upper right corner of the main interface, and when you open it, please select your normal file for recovery. The recovered file will be used normally.

Q: Baidu Antivirus scan does not come out virus how to do? If the use of the overall killing does not scan the virus, then your personal device is safe.

If you think your computer is infected with a virus, but the use of lightning killing or designated location to kill the virus did not check out, please try to use the scanning of the overall scanning method for killing.

If you have confirmed that Baidu Antivirus does not scan a virus file, we express very sorry, and sincerely invite you through the Baidu antivirus feedback platform to report the virus information to help us improve our products.

Q: Why Baidu Antivirus Alert Me "Risk!" is your computer susceptible to virus intrusion? Appears "the Risk! Your computer is susceptible to virus intrusion" hint, may be because you did not open the Baidu antivirus "real-time monitoring" or "self-protection" function caused. Please click the inverted Triangle pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the main interface to enter the setting center, check whether you turn on real-time protection and software self-protection, you can also directly operate from the main interface "one key to open".

Q: The use of Baidu Antivirus, why is there a slow killing speed? Please check if your computer has the following problems: (1) computer surplus memory has been lower (2) system files too much (3) other running software and Baidu Antivirus conflict.

If you think that the above situation is not caused by your slow killing reasons, you can pass the feedback platform to the Baidu company, we will arrange for you to solve the problem.

Q: What is the engine that Baidu Antivirus uses? Baidu Antivirus software uses the four engines:

Kaspersky Engine: A globally renowned anti-virus engine

Cloud killing engine: cloud speed scanning, precision killing

Aurora Engine: Flexible scheduling system resources, lightweight card-less machine

System repair Engine: Unique cloud repair Technology, intelligent resolution system exception

Q: How to install the Baidu antivirus software? Please login to Baidu Antivirus official website, download baidu antivirus software, download completed, please double-click the installer, and follow the software installation prompts to install. If you encounter any problems in the installation, you are welcome to contact us at any time, you have any questions we will arrange for you to solve the contact can be found in the website of Baidu Antivirus official help page.

Q: Have installed the Baidu antivirus software, can cover installation? If you have installed an older version of the Baidu antivirus software, Baidu Antivirus will directly cover the installed software.

If you have installed the latest version of the Baidu antivirus software, installed again, Baidu Antivirus will remind you whether to cover installation. If you choose Yes, follow the software prompts to install the steps to cover the installation.

Q: Baidu Antivirus can be installed with other anti-virus software at the same time? Baidu Anti-Virus software can be compatible with most of the mainstream software, but the installation of a variety of anti-virus software will occupy your memory, we recommend that you choose the appropriate anti-virus software, installation can be.

Q: Install Baidu anti-virus failure to do? Installation failure may be caused by incompatible operating system, please check your operating system, Baidu Antivirus currently supports the operating system is Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. If your problem is still not resolved, you are welcome to contact us at any time, you have any questions we will arrange to assist you to deal with.

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