Baidu Black June Large-scale K station is a stone many birds

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        now 6.22, 6.28 of the Chinese webmaster Black June Nearly half a month, a large number of sites are punished by Baidu has not yet returned to the signs, many seoer grassroots webmaster, Once every day to work their own site, but a night back to the liberation. For a time, tens of thousands of Chinese webmaster in the network into anger, hesitation and sadness! We can not accept this phenomenon, because their site from Baidu's ranking suddenly disappeared without a trace!

       We would like to agree with the reasons for Baidu, this time a large number of sites are processed, from the quality of the site content, duplicate copies of a lot of reasons, my own site also in the adjustment of the ranking disappeared , but I want to say is that my site, in addition to the station to reprint some valuable articles, other content is honest, Benbon to do SEO. At present my site in Google and other search engines, keyword ranking in the first place. I think this is not the reason that Baidu punishes my website, I think more of Baidu this big adjustment, can be described as a mistake to kill 1000, can't make a so-called "speculative" site was arrested.

       But I think as every one rely on Baidu business site friends, for Baidu suddenly so large-scale deletion of the site's practice, deeply worried, helpless and angry. Because Baidu such a sudden approach, nor to those who pay hard work, and not excessive speculation of the Chinese webmaster an advance buffer time, and clear website optimization rules. Although we agree with Baidu on some bad site SEO speculative practices, but also on such a large K station to produce more questions, Baidu such a large-scale unscrupulous hit SEO site. In addition to dealing with low quality sites, more for their own interests to consider!

1. A large-scale K-station, designed to combat those who do SEO training institutions arrogant arrogance: well known, now all over the country's network marketing, SEO training institutions are everywhere, and there is a growing trend, many so-called training institutions, in fact, just summed up a variety of search engine marketing knowledge, especially SEO theory, To those who do not know how to do online marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises to instill how to do site SEO, cut the promise to learn their own training can let the customer's website keyword ranked in the first, second, third. Can Baidu feel uncomfortable, if more enterprises learned to do their own SEO, and then to choose to do Baidu bid ranked less chance, so obviously is the contention for Baidu's customer resources.

2. Large-scale K-station, designed to combat some sites to optimize the company's living space. Now rely on SEO to eat the network companies and stationmaster large-scale, undoubtedly also crowding out Baidu's own market space, there are some crazy network company promises, customers say their own SEO level of clever, can ensure that the customer site keyword ranked first, for those relying on a large number of outside the chain, friendship links, A large number of false original rankings of the site to reduce the power of large-scale processing, so that they can see whether the client site to ensure that the keyword ranking.

3. Large-scale K-station, in the social production of Black June K Station of public opinion storm, through the large-scale adjustment so that many small and medium-sized enterprises to feel if the company's website to choose to do SEO may be punished pressure. Enterprise website search engine marketing, not only has the risk, but also the risk is very big, slightly carelessly on the website has the risk which is punished, and oneself spends to do the cost of the SEO also may hit the water drift, therefore chooses to do Baidu to bid the ranking to be more safe, reliable.

I engaged in network marketing planning for more than 10 years, years of network planning experience so I personally feel that Baidu is now big, big to other search engines can not compete with it in the short term, big enough to already do not need tens of millions of Chinese webmaster to Baidu to spread the search engine marketing theory and marketing value concept.

Remember 2003 years, Baidu keyword bidding rankings just before and after the market, the vast majority of traditional Chinese companies to Baidu keyword bidding ranking is very unfamiliar, but also is the number of small and medium-sized network companies to help Baidu to promote the ranking of the business, because each network company has its own website customers, Baidu is easy to spread the search engine marketing ideas and bidding ranking business, so tens of thousands of small and medium-sized network companies in the country to their customers continue to instill the ranking business, slowly traditional enterprises choose to do the bidding of customers more up, is such a slow growth of Baidu. Baidu business bigger, then set up their own marketing system, the original for him to conquer the country countless small and medium-sized network companies have been canceled a proxy qualification.

Today, backed by numerous Chinese webmaster Baidu, but also to make a choice, there will be a large number of webmaster and seoer, forced to leave Baidu search marketing, to give up relying on internet marketing means of livelihood, the reason is very simple, because Baidu to steal back from the owners of his interests, Because Baidu no longer need them again for customers to spread Baidu Network marketing value!

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