Baidu Browser where to get free to redeem Beijing East full discount coupons?

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Baidu Browser where to get free exchange for Beijing East full discount coupons? Think basically most of the digital products can be bought in Jingdong Mall, but now people want to buy things when cheaper, here to teach you a way to quickly get Jingdong coupons, and is the whole audience.

1, the first is to download Baidu Browser, go to the official website can be downloaded, installed after the landing Baidu account, no Baidu account can also be an employer or QQ account login.

2, then click the Privilege Center next to the account, point open after you saw the Beijing-East red envelopes, there are 3 kinds, full 50 minus 5 full 100 minus 10 full 500 minus 20, there are exchange needs points 10 points.

3, of course, you may have no concept of 10 points. This way, say 10 points how to get it. You only need to login Baidu browser, daily search and access to the Web page will generate points, these points accounting into your Baidu browser when the use of Baidu account, the highest daily can get 320 points.

4, meaning that as long as you are a little on the Internet to browse the Web page can quickly get 30 points, is not very to the force Ah! Only need a little time, the equivalent of white send Ah! 3 coupons can save 35 dollars!

5, but need to note that this can only be used in Jingdong app, each account can only be exchanged once, and limited time Special: 2015/08/13-2015/10/13. Need a friend quickly to download Baidu browser bar.

6, but need to pay attention to is not using Baidu Browser for a long time, points will be deducted. 30 consecutive days without login points to reduce 50% consecutive 60 days without login, 50% points reduction, 90 consecutive days without login, zero points.

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