Baidu Chinese word segmentation technology a little speculation

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As we all know, Baidu's Chinese word segmentation technology than Google do good, the following reference to find a picture on the network description:

From the above figure can be inferred that Baidu encountered a keyword, should be the first word, but first search Baidu encyclopedia entries and Baidu Index has an index of Chinese words to match, can not accurately match, and then the word, the first two years in Baidu search keyword "Lichuan news network", is divided into Lichuan/news/NET, Since the keyword has an index, Baidu will take it as a complete keyword.

Of course, Baidu's word segmentation technology is certainly more complicated than my personal inference, as a product of Baidu, Baidu will not give up its own resources, will certainly refer to the entry of Baidu Encyclopedia as part of the algorithm, so also do the search Tencent also developed their own encyclopedia, but we later in doing SEO, Encountered a relatively biased long tail keyword can not be correct participle of the case, Baidu Encyclopedia to create an entry, and then add their own links in the reference, so you can also solve the weight of Baidu-related products than our site high problem.

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