Baidu Cloud +ai, artificial intelligence into the scene application era

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AI, the future has come. Recently, Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li appeared in the Paris Viva technology conference, saying that most of the services have been based on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence as the Internet "hydroelectric coal", image recognition as an example, has been successfully integrated into the Baidu cloud services. Ai + Baidu Cloud vertical application, means that Baidu Cloud has occupied the scene of artificial intelligence opportunities.

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Image as the most stored on the Baidu cloud file type, accounting for more than 40%, how to manage a large number of image data has become the biggest problem of Baidu cloud users, and this is the major network service providers need to solve the problem.

The media industry, often need to find the right picture as a news map, but the face of a conference hundreds of pictures, the choice of time cost is huge. There are designers and other industries, in order to find a once used image material, facing the storage of a few t's picture library, perhaps there will be the end of the world feeling ...

Artificial intelligence "cloud management" to enhance user "cloud storage" experience

The past five years is the rapid development of artificial intelligence phase, Baidu in the image recognition technology to achieve a global leader. At present, the deep image computer vision system of Baidu has been able to recognize the image content, and has made a breakthrough in pattern recognition, in which LWF face recognition accuracy is up to 99.86%.

Baidu Cloud took the lead in the introduction of intelligent image recognition and retrieval services, fully realize the storage of data intelligent classification, screening search, sharing and interactive "cloud management." Baidu's image recognition technology how to apply in the Baidu cloud product experience?

Baidu Cloud Image Intelligent management, according to the content of the picture, automatic recognition of the picture is a single photo, a lot of people or animals, plants, etc., at the same time the similar images of intelligent aggregation classification, so that the photo finishing completely become intelligent. After the image was uploaded to Baidu Cloud was intelligent classification, the user can manage the picture, just click on the screen image classification under the "People", "car", "landscape" and other tags, you can get the corresponding category of pictures.

For media reporters, attend a press conference or an interview hundreds of photos of the material, instantly can be automatically identified classification into different labels, and never the same selection, productivity has been greatly improved. Self-portraits, mobile phone families more and more common, usually take photos, a place a scene may be more than a few shots, repeat the picture more and more, collation has become more and more trouble. Baidu Cloud can not only intelligently organize the classification of photos, but also to help users quickly locate the desired type, in the massive gallery to find a photo is easy!

For designers and some of the individual users, Baidu Cloud can identify the face of the photo, the user stored in the cloud image to automatically match, retrieve the display of all the photos containing the person's face, but also a practical function. And when looking for a photo of a person, users just upload a photo of the person, Baidu Cloud can identify the face of the photo, the user stored in the cloud image to automatically match, retrieve all the photos containing the person's face, this can be said to be the most cool, most fun, the most intelligent and most private face search products.

Previous industry leaders need to "fast" a bit, the future industry trend is more "smart"

The internet has become the same infrastructure as hydroelectric coal, and when we do not pay attention to the Internet, we will not realize the existence of the Internet, and when the network is broken, we will find the terrible place. Many analysts also predict that AI will become the future of the Internet's hydroelectric coal. From the AI + Baidu cloud products on the ground, this trend has come early.

As the domestic Network disk service first brand, Baidu Cloud in the personal cloud storage domain already has over 400 million users, firmly occupy the industry first position. In the face of a large enterprise-level market demand, Baidu Cloud Enterprise Edition provides targeted solutions for the work needs of various industries, to achieve the large-capacity storage and distribution of enterprise files needs to simple, fast, safe features, to create a very practical cloud enterprise Office Tools.

Baidu Cloud market leader, from always maintain a sharp insight into the needs of users, from the technology change, Baidu Cloud to seize the imminent outbreak of AI new technology window, to ensure its continuous vitality and competitiveness.

At present, human exposure to the most is the voice search, fingerprint recognition, image recognition and other fields of artificial intelligence technology. How to apply these artificial intelligence to various fields to pry just need, determines the boundary of artificial intelligence extension. Baidu Cloud in the image recognition and other aspects have been quite deep accumulation, artificial intelligence as the engine, technology can drive cloud products toward a more in-depth more comprehensive direction, Baidu Cloud obviously in this industrial revolution has clearly been in the forefront.

Baidu Cloud + AI also brought more thinking and enlightenment for the industry, the future of artificial intelligence will be more applied to human daily life scenarios, to solve the vertical field of users just need to detonate demand points, you can pry the huge market. Service scene, combine products, change life, this is the direction of the industry evolution of artificial intelligence, Baidu Cloud + artificial Intelligence development has become the future leader.

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Baidu Cloud +ai, artificial intelligence into the scene application era

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