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Project background:

Baidu Cloud at the beginning of the first is a network of products, to security, stability, ease of use, fast experience is known, experienced nearly two years of upgrade optimization, Baidu Cloud is not just "network disk", in the slowly moving towards the direction of the platform to continue to develop.

The old version of the Android client with each version of the update, the bearer of more and more information, more and more features, the original framework design can not have a level of elegance to support the existing product features.

Therefore, this 7.0 version needs to reconstruct an elegant product framework that can support the existing variety of functions, make the frame lighter in visual design, and tilt the style to the emotional.

The design direction explores:

Problem Analysis:

1. The frame structure level is not clear, the expansibility is not good.

2. The product has added the resource sharing function among friends, which needs to be emphasized.

3. In addition to the network, for albums, SMS and other five mobile phone data backup, lightning transmission files, remote device task push and other practical powerful functions are hidden in the "toolkit", there is no classification of packaging and not explicit.

4. Visual needs to further highlight the style features.

Competitive Product Analysis:

As a result of the development of the product platform, we selected the Naver, Evernote and other platform products were analyzed:

Summed up some of the common characteristics of products:

1. The core function is outstanding, the auxiliary function entrance unification.

2. The information level is clear and the architecture level is flat.

3. The design style is highly unified across the platform.

In addition, we also refer to the current popular visual design trends:

The following design principles are summarized:

1. Flat design, the content of the first

2. The regional color block, the core content concentrates prominently

3. Emotional design, to shorten the distance between users and products

Design direction determination and implementation:

Interactive design:

According to the analysis of the existing problems and the excavation of the internal needs, we have a brainstorming, refining the new version of the design objectives: rational structure, highlighting and sharing, extensibility, experience friendly.

Because of the variety of functions, but the need to visually present a lot of content, we produced in the early design of three interactive framework:

The first: The sidebar frame structure, the advantages of this framework is strong scalability, and the main function is outstanding, but other features are relatively too hidden, not easy to find, the user switch to a child function is likely to lose direction can not return to the previous page.

The second type: Sudoku navigation structure, the advantage of this framework is functional modularity, at a glance, and also has a certain degree of extensibility and customization features, but as an app, if the interface between the different functions of the close, unavoidable need for repeated functions between the jump, at this time the disadvantage of this interaction is revealed. Therefore, the Sudoku style navigation structure is more suitable for each function of relatively independent products or systems, such as "Where to Go", "Ctrip" and other tourism-type app.

The third is the "working" font frame structure that we eventually adopt, through the organization and integration of the function, we divide the function into four main parts, at the same time in each main tab interface supplemented by the main operation, taking into account the presentation of information, to solve the previous version of the information architecture is not clear problem, For the operation of different modules can be merged into the module, the rich expansion of the function also has a suitable destination.

The bottom tabs are: Network disk, sharing, discovery, about me, respectively, corresponding to the main functions of Baidu Cloud, the direction of expansion, rich features and highlight the concept of the individual, and the "work" word at the bottom of the corresponding, is the network disk and share two modules at the top of the main operation of the front. Network disk part of the previous version of the obscure classification of the entry and new folders, such as management operations before, so that users are more easily found, while visually weakening the secondary operation, to avoid interference to users.

Share part also put out the Friend list entrance and create the sharing group, add friends shortcuts, so that users can faster and easier to complete with friends file sharing.

Rich extension features in previous versions of the toolkit further integration into the existing "discovery" module, the various types of backup functions are set up, rearranged the sequence of functions, so that more useful features have more access to use and discovery, and provide a stronger scalability.

Redesign of my section, highlighting user personal information, will be set to rearrange, the interface is more concise, and easier to find the corresponding settings options to enhance usability.

Visual Design:

About layouts:

7.0 version in the visual design of the layout of the break-through, in order to more prominent people, borrowed the Gutenberg law-people in the page or layout, the line of sight tends to move from top to bottom, from left to right eye movement law.

Refine visual style:

The first is the determination of the visual whole style, on the one hand, since the 3.0 version, Baidu Cloud has been followed by Baidu's red and blue brand color, during the period also tried other colors as the main color of the product, but also through time and again the user research, A/b test and other ways to refine the most suitable for Baidu cloud brand color: blue. On the other hand, according to Baidu Cloud six-degree honeycomb experience in the speed, stability, security, ease of use, refining the visual style of Baidu cloud-fresh, concise and efficient.

Redefine flattened icons, simplify elements, and pinpoint:

With the flat style to redraw the full set of icons, through the simplification of visual elements, so that visual style from the details to achieve a high degree of unity.

Complex and not disorderly, rapid formation of control specifications:

Control of the standardization has been Baidu cloud clients in the perfect, and strive to through the least visual elements, to express the rich information organization structure.

Identify problems and summarize them:

Fonts are written directly to the framework by developers during the actual development process, at this time the font and frame edge itself there are some white, if not clear these white size, callout will appear error, which led to the development of the implementation of the effect and design drawings, therefore, we have to organize and summarize the method.

The revision of the main interactive framework of the restructuring, the product from the complex function of liberation, so that the framework and level are more clear. In the visual design, let Baidu cloud more concise, more lightweight, but also more emotional.

Follow-up plan:

As the leader of cloud storage, Baidu Cloud has been looking for new breakthroughs in the process of self-improvement. This time the Android Client 7.0 revision, although there is a big leap, but due to the development of time constraints, mainly focused on the adjustment of the large framework and the integration of functions, the need to enhance the experience of the details there are many, follow-up we will spare no effort to continue to carefully polish the overall experience of Baidu Cloud.

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