Baidu Cloud Butler boot start how to cancel

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Cloud Butler is becoming more and more attractive in downloading, but for most friends, there is no need to use Baidu Cloud Butler every time the boot. So how to cancel Baidu Cloud Butler boot start?

    • Baidu Cloud Butler

    1. First of all, we are unable to change from the setting or installation time of the cloud steward to cancel its rush start. We now have to cancel from the start of the system.

    2. Win+r shortcut key combination to run , enter msconfigin the Run bar, open the System Configuration dialog box.

    3. We can also enter the system configuration from the Start menu and open the System configuration dialog directly.

    4. Select the Startup tab and in the Startup project, look for startup items that start with Baiduyun as a few letters.

    5. When we find it, we cancel the check in front of it. Then determine that the need to restart the computer to make the settings take effect, we can immediately restart the computer, and then boot up, the cloud steward will not boot up.

    • This method is suitable for most software startup items and can be generalized. The main problem is finding out exactly which software you need to disable booting, either Pinyin or English.

Baidu Cloud Butler boot start how to cancel

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