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Now we want to store the information of the file more and more, must through the Baidu Cloud Butler and other cloud services to store, if you have very important privacy files need to be stored in the Baidu shipping tube we can set privacy space better protect our data security, the following small series to teach you to use Baidu Cloud Butler privacy Space detailed method.

1, first into the Baidu Cloud Butler, click the figure hidden space.

2. Click: "Enable hidden space". Hidden space files cannot be shared and can only be viewed on their own.

3, the first time will be prompted to set the security password, and the security password can not just a number.

4. After the setup is complete, you can upload files to the hidden space, or you can move the uploaded files to the hidden space in My network disk. Click: "Upload File".

5, select the computer local need to upload files, click: "Deposit Baidu Cloud"

6, upload status, upload progress, upload file queue. Can be seen in "uploading".

7. After the upload is complete, you can view the uploaded files in "Transfer complete", or you can view the history upload file records.

8, now click: "Hidden Space" into the view just uploaded files, for pictures can be thumbnail preview. At the same time, we want to create folders and sort the files.

Privacy is the use of Baidu Cloud Steward and skills, I hope it is useful to everyone.

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