Baidu Cloud Resources Download acceleration Software recommendation: Proxyee-down

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Baidu Cloud is a good thing (now called Baidu Network disk but I still used to call Baidu Cloud), 2 T free capacity can be stored in video, software packages and other files, is the download speed a bit to see, do not open members if you are hundred trillion fiber or quantum communication are limited speed, as a commercial company or can understand. Some days ago a friend to find me to members, as if I was a big rich man, what members have, although I do not have a member, but I have hundreds of millions of of netizens Ah, before online encountered a can break the download speed limit software, now recommend to everyone.

Proxyee-down: Let download speed be liberated

Chance coincidence in a post above met this artifact, I am a like to collect software people, encounter feel fun to use the software will be saved up. Not to say Proxyee-down is very strong, since the Proxyee-down no longer have to look at the download speed of resources Dozens of KB and worry about, a lot of web-class video and professional software a few G small also has hundreds of MB, in the speed of the network is limited to the end of the resources, estimated that children can run all over the floor. 

Proxyee-down The Cloud disk address: Https:// 

Extract code: DHCG

Using Proxyee-down

I downloaded the Proxyee-down have Mac and Windows two kinds of compression pack, where Windows has two, X86 corresponds to 32-bit system, X64 corresponds to 64-bit system, select the appropriate version to download. Download good extract to a new folder, the decompression path can not have Chinese, decompression completed Proxyee Down.exe to get a shortcut to the desktop after use. Then crazy point shortcut to open the software, the software opened slightly slower (actually double-click on the good, personal computer configuration is not high).
Enter the extension page, if the software detects that the Proxyee down CA certificate is not installed, there will be a corresponding installation prompt, accept the Click Install according to the system guidelines can be installed.

After the certificate is successfully installed, it will go to the Extension Module page and the extension can be installed online in the extension center.

Turn on Speed mode

Now we can open the browser into the Baidu cloud, can not use the client Oh, this time you will find a new pink PD download box, select the resources you want to download to download it.

PS: If the speed of the computer is not fast, then good software can not save! Feel that the software can be used to support the author, after all, the program ape is not easy, the software has sponsorship methods.

Baidu Cloud Resources Download acceleration Software recommendation: Proxyee-down

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