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Hard to do 3 months of the website, Liu'an love the room network of several keywords (Liu'an real estate Network, Liu'an second-hand housing, Liu'an rental, and other long tail) are in the front of Baidu's home several, but August 29 is a nightmare day. All the rankings are in the dozens of-digit range. This sudden situation, let us very surprised. Have we been demoted to power? After a great deal of anxiety, we calmed down and had to find out the cause and handle it immediately. Our analysis is as follows:

1, because 27th and 28th our maintenance staff did not work, the site content did not update in time, whether this is the reason?

2, 28th Night TUI18 Web site can not open, we have a lot of outside the chain, whether due to the loss of the chain caused?

3, the website link question, whether has the right to drop the website?

4, because the day before the Baidu promotion of the call, we also doubt whether due to Baidu to promote human intervention.

5, whether there is a hostile website malicious complaints snapshot caused by

Since the site itself is not cheating, if it is really the case, we must proceed to deal with.

First, since we started working again in Monday and Tuesday, the content is quickly updated and requires overtime in the last few weeks of the weekend.

The second question, after all, TUI18 's post snapshots still in, the problem should not be particularly big, and we have a relatively strong link support, but also, our forum outside the chain is scattered for several, should be ruled out this problem

The third question, this is our most skeptical, there are several sites like us, was down right, just down the right time earlier than us, I suspect we were implicated, immediately removed the links of these several stations

The fourth question, we still think is a coincidence of better.

The fifth question, also exists certain possibility, but does not cause the right to drop so serious. We resubmitted the complaint and submitted the site ranking situation in detail to the

As of the morning of August 31, our ranking of 70 few rankings are back to the home page. But not as tall as it used to be. The individual long tail also fell down. No way, can return to have been good, the weight of things to slow down.

Here to remind you to do the site friends

1, friendship links must not be sloppy, to check regularly

2, Baidu promotion personnel also absolutely don't offend

3, release the chain must not be too concentrated, to disperse.

4, the maintenance of the website must keep the law, especially the new station. Article content by the filter please keep the article link.

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