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On September 6, August 6, after more than two months of trial run, Baidu alliance officially launched the "pay-as-you-go" CPA advertising platform. Currently, nine brand advertisements, including Dangdang and skype, are being pushed to more than 0.2 million members of the Baidu alliance through this platform. Baidu alliance partners can choose their own ads for presentation, to gain more benefits.

Integrity system promotes the sound development of CPA

The pay-as-you-go CPA model has always attracted the attention of various consortium bodies. In this service, the advertisement presentation and user clicks are free of charge. You only need to pay for the registration, download, or actual results such as sales behaviors and telephone return visits.

In fact, the advertisement model of CPA has been accompanied by a game between advertisers and various alliances during years of development. Zhou pin, director of the development department of the Baidu alliance, analyzed that "integrity is a weakness of many Consortium organizations in carrying out the CPA business. Cheating on the website will harm the interests of advertisers. If advertisers do not settle in time, they will harm the interests of the website. The development of consortium bodies without the support of good faith will become increasingly difficult ."

To ensure the quality of resources, Baidu alliance launched the "Grand Alliance certification system" last year ", through comprehensive certification and evaluation of alliance members' integrity, website's green security, brand awareness, reputation and other indicators, as well as a severe blow to cheating behavior, a benign integrity system has been built, it lays a solid foundation for the development of CPA advertising models.

Brand advertisement ensures alliance members' benefits

The Badu Alliance launched the CPA advertising platform to provide high-quality advertisements for its partners. To ensure the benefits of alliance members, Baidu alliance strictly selects advertisers. Strengthened the strength and integrity standards. "We have taken a series of measures to ensure accurate monitoring and timely settlement," Zhou pin believes: "A good model should be under care ."

At the alliance summit held in April, The Badu alliance explicitly proposed the development concept of "development solution suppliers". The launch of the CPA platform provided a new profit model for alliance partners, the CPA platform focuses on brand advertisements, which can also improve the marketing taste of website partners.

It is reported that the Baidu CPA advertising platform has been running for more than two months. This effect-based advertising model is supported by advertisers such as, Dangdang, Kingsoft drug overlord, and skype. Many alliance partners also have a positive response to this issue.

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