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Baidu docs How to use? Recently, Baidu has belatedly launched a Baidu doc such a project, is generally able to meet the needs of Word users. Green tea Le elder brother share a Baidu docs online processing tools to use the tutorial, hope to help everyone!

Although most people are currently working to support the domestic WPS, but still have a lot of friends will be more habitual use of Microsoft's classic Office Tools--word. But copyright issues, it is estimated that many people are looking for a variety of word online processing tools, Word online editor, word online editing plug-ins and so on.

Baidu Doc is not 360doc as a personal library, the mother of Baidu Doc can be said to be more to the force of a word online processing editing products.

Open Baidu Doc official website, use Baidu account login can use, very convenient.

and WPS interface Similar, full-featured, completely can meet the day-to-day use of office, interested friends may wish to try!

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