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First simple talk about my Baidu Encyclopedia account basic situation: Experience value 1460, wealth value 930, total contribution entry 234, pass rate 85%, complex version 129, four level, Intermediate edition, Baidu Encyclopedia core user! What is Baidu Encyclopedia core user? Baidu's business card definition: Baidu Encyclopedia core users from the Baidu encyclopedia users from the outstanding friends, need to have the original and information collation ability to understand the relevant encyclopedia rules, for the content of the encyclopedia entry building continued to glow fever. So how can become Baidu encyclopedia core user? 1. Level 4 or above; 2. through 85% or more; 3. With more than 50 complex editions, and meeting the above three conditions, Wikipedia's friends will be eligible to join the core user system and enjoy core user privileges. Well, introduced some of the Baidu Encyclopedia of Information, this article will be a DIY tutorial on how to create and edit a qualified encyclopedia entry.

Baidu Encyclopedia Entry Edit content decomposition: entry name, catalog, pictures, reference, expand Reading, development category six elements. For the name of the entry, it seems very simple, but for professional seoer to create encyclopedia entry name, more in order to search some encyclopedia entries can appear in the home page, which requires a combination of creating a core keyword. For the directory, we see a lot of novice created encyclopedia entry, on a Word document layout article style, and Baidu Encyclopedia for us to provide a multi-level directory, the entry creator should be as far as possible using the level, two directory to write the content of the entry. Regarding the picture, a perfect encyclopedia entry needs is the picture background, the majority encyclopedia entry lacks the picture, actually is very simple, inserts a picture in the editing term, this picture may be the Chinese logo, the enterprise image design. On the reference and extended reading, can be popular understanding for the content of the supplementary guide, for all the webmaster and seoer, want to stay outside the chain. On the development of classification, many people do not care, in fact, is a mistake, the development of classification is the classification of entries, a reasonable classification of the search for the term. Above is the encyclopedia entry six basic content, the simple explanation main point, you will be easy to create a high quality encyclopedia entry.

Novice write Baidu Encyclopedia entry common mistakes, mainly useful first person in the Writing encyclopedia entry, typesetting chaos, the text to leave the advertising picture, leaving the phone in the body, the main body to leave the Web site five aspects. Remember, Baidu Encyclopedia entry to use the tone of the third party to write, do not use the first person to record the way, otherwise it is not pass. For typesetting confusion, some people create entries due to the simple duplication of stickers from the third party, resulting in the article format typesetting structure break, entry audit is not passed. About the text to leave the phone and stay on the Web site, a lot of new encyclopedia, eager to promote the advertising information encyclopedia, on the Wikipedia entry is text add phone and Web site, so it is not pass. About the text to leave the picture, is allowed, but do not bring watermarks! Remember these mistakes and you will be able to easily pass the review of the Encyclopedia editor.

Baidu Encyclopedia of several special list of instructions, some readers see some entries have encyclopedia card, in fact very simple as long as you are Baidu core users can create Baidu encyclopedia card, some readers see some entries can bring phone and web site, yes, for well-known corporate companies, such as some can bring telephone and web site, But most of the entries are not allowed, do not want to Hu. Baidu Encyclopedia is an open sharing platform, not advertising platform, does not mean in the text implanted in small ads, in reference, expanding reading, such as the addition of the chain, the report of the competition has become more and more, Baidu Encyclopedia of the editorial review is now more and more stringent!

This article source private board of Directors:, reprint please specify, the website is not included, Hope sends A5 the article outside the chain can give the force!

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