Baidu Green Luo chain 2.0 new algorithm soft paper how to plan operation

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Baidu official following the green Luo algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, in order to create a cleaner environment for the Internet, and then upgrade the Green Luo chain 2.0 algorithm, severe crackdown on the obvious soft text advertising site, as well as the punishment of the host release soft text site. Search engine algorithm more and more stringent, in the webmaster feel soft outside the chain is the only way out, but again to the owners to bring blows, in the new era of construction in the chain, how to plan the operation of soft paper? Can the soft marketing still achieve the effect?

Soft paper operation to grasp the opportunity

Baidu This algorithm to update the main target is obvious advertising and Baidu News source, webmaster do not be excited to think that the attack is soft outside the chain, the main object is the obvious advertising content, high-quality soft text operation is not within the scope of Baidu hit. Soft text operations to achieve success, seize the information is very important, users will always be interested in fresh content, can get real-time content can also be the attention of major media, give the recommended content can help soft Wen brand better be recommended. such as the 7.1-day updated Baidu algorithm, webmasters are competing to express their views, but only grasp the timing of the webmaster to better their own brand to promote, in the A5 to submit a lot of webmaster, but was recommended only 3, stood the opportunity to the information can be recommended, the user is also a lot of attention.


Soft text operation to really do "soft"

Soft text as the name implies is "soft" nature of advertising, different from hard advertising is a "soft", but with the Internet's benign development, a lot of webmaster to copy and paste the operation of the soft text, obvious soft ads, the obvious direct release of corporate web site contact advertising, these soft language operation strategy has been away from the scope of the soft text, has not been able to call it a soft text marketing. To the soft marketing can really play a marketing role, to the soft content to achieve the ultimate, the enterprise's advertising information to be added to the soft, so that users unconsciously by the impact of soft text, the initiative to search related product brands. Can see the article in a glance to promote information, or even directly to the enterprise introduction, users will not be such ads to arouse the desire, spiders will be hard to hate ads. Therefore, the soft text operation to the content to do the real "soft", Baidu official to blow is not really "soft" advertising.

Soft paper Marketing to find the media platform

From Baidu to hit the object, to enter the media Baidu News source, soft marketing weight is still very high, high weight of the media site not only to get the Spider's pro-Lai, but also to obtain more user groups. such as the planning of the soft Wen can again major news media Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other major portals published, search engine to give the weight is very high, the user through large media to see the soft wen, affirmation credibility than ordinary high, subconscious to bring the user brand awareness. According to the nature of products to be promoted by enterprises, choose the right media channel, a lot of enterprises just blindly in order to media platform, casually select the release of the platform, it industry released to the financial industry channel, seems to be news platform, the weight is the same existence, but for potential users, and there is no good experience, The flow rate of the pit stop will also be very low, can not be targeted to obtain the site's potential customers.

No matter how the search engine algorithm changes, the true meaning of the "soft" text is not to be hit, the internet industry needs high-quality brand marketing, Http:// International (web) website operation is also useful to the soft text operation, But each soft text is the true meaning of the soft text, to the site to bring the weight of nature is also the highest, naturally will not be the impact of the algorithm update.

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