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May 16, Baidu Integrated extension system will be on May 18 (this Sunday) official online, enterprise customers in the PC and mobile end of the promotion will be integrated into a unified management platform.

It is understood that Baidu integrated search and promotion system will be a combination of PC search and mobile search promotion, change two sets of promotional programs for a set of programs, simplifying the enterprise customer management, optimize the operation of the account, can achieve a set of materials, multiple screens.

In the keyword launch bid, the enterprise customer can change the two terminals of the bid proportion to operate, according to their own situation to customize the weight. At the same time, Baidu also launched a mobile promotion of the overall solution, including mobile site tools, mobile business Bridge Online consulting, direct-dial telephone, app promotion, such as the mobile end of the presentation, can help faster to reach a deal.

Baidu said that, from the user time distribution, PC-side search concentrated in the office hours, and mobile search traffic in the weekend will show a sharp rise, this complementary situation highlights the advantages of mobile search promotion.

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