Baidu interviews android siege lions and android siege lions

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Baidu interviews android siege lions and android siege lions
Today, today is my second interview with Baidu. (interns only have two interviews.) This Time, I did extremely poorly, not only did I not answer my own android questions, of course, my basic knowledge is not answered well. I wrote my questions to everyone with grief. I was very impressed by the poor interview, so I can remember it all, hope to help you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! Today, the interviewer was very kind. I asked for my opinion because I had a little advance. I said yes. The total questions are divided into four parts. The following describes the android part in detail. 1. I asked a takeout app I have done, my responsibilities, and the problems I encountered. 2. I asked about ListView optimization. 3. How does android implement caching. 4. The cause of oom and how to locate it are detailed. 5 ,. How to share data and communicate with each other. The next step is the operating system Issue 1. How to communicate between processes. 2. Differences between processes and threads. 3. Why should I apply a synchronization lock to ensure the security of Process Communication. Network Problem 1. Differences Between tcp and udp. 2. tcp three-way handshake. 3. tcp sliding window. Data Structure and algorithm problems 1. if there are 100 random numbers less than 100, how can we ensure the fastest generation of 0. there is a linked list in the center of the linked list. How can we quickly determine whether it is a ring or not? 3.0-99: If a number is randomly extracted from the number, how can we find it as quickly as possible? How can we not sort it? How can we extract two numbers? And calculate the time complexity.

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