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Many websites were given to K by baidu without knowing it. Is that true? Otherwise, you just don't know or don't notice it. Next we will analyze the reasons for downgrading the website at or K.

1. SEO is over-optimized, such as keyword density being too high, keyword duplication, and even keyword accumulation. seo cheating! Seo Black Hat technology: Hidden links, hidden text, etc ~ These are most likely to be directed to the website by K!
2. The link to the website on the same server will be wiped out by Baidu. It is recommended that you change the space quickly. If Baidu does not give face to face, all the websites on the server will be stripped.

3. If the website is not filed for record, it will be processed by Baidu's K.

4. Fill in a large number of keywords in the title label.
5. Most of the website content is copied or collected from Baidu. [recommended] & rarr; it is best not to collect too many new sites. The more original articles, the better.


6. A large number of keywords are stacked in the title tag, which is the easiest thing for new people to ignore. We recommend that you clearly define the keywords in the title tag. Do not accumulate

7. Tools such as mass mailing of forums will also be used by Baidu's K.

8. Pay attention to AD attacks on Baidu websites.

9. Websites with Baidu K in the links will also be associated with them, resulting in K sites or downgrading by Baidu, therefore, webmasters should always check their website links for the sake of care! If the link station is attacked by Baidu K station, you should immediately withdraw the forward link to it!

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