Baidu knows question and answer quantity broken 400 million solve 1.3 billion people confused

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Encountered difficulties, people are always accustomed to the Baidu know on the search for answers, from the computer to all kinds of life questions, Baidu know on all can find satisfactory answers. Baidu is aware of the growing, has unwittingly cast a milestone event in China's Internet.

Recently, Baidu has announced that the number of issues resolved on its platform has exceeded 400 million, and is more seated in the world's largest Chinese question-answering platform. So, for the vast number of Chinese netizens, Baidu know that has been solved the problem of increasing the amount of what it means?

"All-knowing" life partner

The author's personal experience, the first to Baidu know that the reason is deeply impressed, is because of a repair computer. A few years ago, the author of office computer how also not connected to the network, but also a variety of inexplicable blue screen, the crash, find the Zhongguancun to repair the computer's small brother came to find, the original small buddies in addition to the "Reload system" there is a big recruit, that is Baidu know. Any problem in Baidu know can search for the relevant solutions.

A few years later, the ecological environment of China's Internet has undergone tremendous changes, from the portal era into the bat three pillars situation, from the PC Internet access to the mobile king, after several generations of platform rise and fall, Baidu knows but still maintain a strong vitality. The scope of the continuous expansion of the content, from the advanced professional problems to the cognitive blind spot in life, almost nothing Baidu knows not.

Baidu knows the existence, it seems to subvert the traditional "live to the old, learn the old" view, because compared to the traditional must rely on the vast amount of learning to have knowledge, people only need to encounter difficulties in time in Baidu know search can, the answer of the question more targeted. This scenario-wise knowledge solution allows "young" to have "old experience" and can even be likened to user extended mind, one of the best living partners.

Know that the rise of the people to help all citizens

Landing Baidu know people, not all to come here to seek answers, there are many to answer. After years of accumulation, as well as a good user operating system construction, Baidu know the "knowledge of heroes" more and more. As the saying goes, three people will have my teacher, now many people in Baidu know on the rise, as well as answer the warm atmosphere of the question, is Baidu know can accumulate in today 400 million has solved the problem of a big key.

In Baidu know "tell your story." The 10 Anniversary essay voting campaign "on the page, the Netizen" only steamed bun Incense "article affectionate, in 10 accompanied not only help others solve problems, but also let their harvest full. And such netizens in Baidu know there are many, in the UGC mode, the questioner, respondents, and viewers have formed a can switch roles at any time the benign ecology. The 2011 launch of the Baidu know mobile app, but also to meet the user in a variety of scenarios in question and answer needs.

In addition, Baidu know also set up a "UGC PGC" dual channel, in addition to users to provide content, a lot of professional institutions, authoritative experts, well-known enterprises are also in for Baidu to know the contribution of high-quality content. In addition to creating three high-quality content columns: "Know daily", "Truth Quiz Machine", "know Big Data", Baidu know and launched Baidu know personal experts, institutional experts, open platform of high-quality question and answer platform open strategy to the system of product-based platform to create high-quality PGC content, truly connected 3600 lines, and bring in "connecting people and services" and commercial space.

Let knowledge be equal, protect the bottom line of folk wisdom

In a broader sense, the value Baidu knows is significant for a single individual user, but greater value lies in its contribution to the improvement of the overall level of knowledge in society. Due to the differences in areas, resources, experiences and so on, there is a gap between the physical level and even the individual family is inevitable, but the existence of Baidu know, let everyone from the spiritual level first has the possibility of achieving equality.

The traditional social structure of the information gap is ubiquitous, the first decoration of the people encountered a long time to disperse the taste of the home, the new parents will always encounter rushes contradictory advice, middle and old people encounter mobile phone unfamiliar interface panic ... When people encounter these problems and difficult to solve, this problem is the first to penetrate the self-esteem and self-confidence, to bring people a sense of helplessness, which will greatly reduce social productivity, damaging the positive atmosphere of society.

And Baidu knows that 400 million has solved the problem as a guarantee, the longing for the unknown in life to seek answers to the people can penetrate the region, economy, experience, circle of friends and other traditional barriers, to remove the information gap, so that regardless of background, what age can be at any time to get knowledge to help-the popular point is that "with Baidu know, No one is going to lie to me. "It can be said that Baidu know for the community to build a" folk wisdom "of the protection wall, quweicunzhen and improve the quality of life, so that the lack of ignorance brought about by the helpless disappeared.

At present, Baidu is aware that the number of active registered users has reached 120 million, daily visits exceeded 380 million, as a product has been launched in 10, the internet still has such a strong vitality to amaze people. It gives users real value at the same time, but also in this Internet platform iterative rapid era, always stand still.

Baidu knows question and answer quantity broken 400 million solve 1.3 billion people confused

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