Baidu map about geocoding and anti-geocoding

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map of Baidu--geo-coding and anti-geocoding

One Goal,one Passion!


Geocoding--that is, we parse the familiar address into latitude.

Address latlng (coordinate)
Zhengzhou 34.7568711, 113.663221

Okay, the code is simple.

    New coded Query Object
   GeoCoder geocode = Geocoder.newinstance ();
    New Query Object The condition to query
    geocodeoption geooption = new Geocodeoption (). City ("Zhengzhou"). Address ("Zhengzhou East Station");
    Initiate geocoding request
    Geocode.geocode (geooption);
    Set query Results Listener
    Geocode.setongetgeocoderesultlistener (new Ongetgeocoderresultlistener () {

         * Anti-geocoding Query result callback function
         * @param result  anti-geocoding query results */
        @Override public
        Void Ongetreversegeocoderesult (reversegeocoderesult result) {


         * geocoding Query Result callback function
         * @param  result geocoding Query Results
        /@Override public
        void Ongetgeocoderesult (geocoderesult result) {

            SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("geocoding Query Results" + result.getlocation ());}

Anti-geocoding--is to resolve the latitude and longitude coordinates to a location that we can understand. For example:

latlng (coordinates) address
34.7568711, 113.663221 Zhengzhou
New coded Query Object geocode = Geocoder.newinstance ();
      New Query object conditions to query reversegeocodeoption options = new Reversegeocodeoption (). location (ll);
    Initiate an anti-geocoding request Geocode.reversegeocode (options); Set Query Results Listener Geocode.setongetgeocoderesultlistener (new Ongetgeocoderresultlistener () {/** * anti-geocoding query knot The callback function * @param result anti-geocoding query results */@Override public void Ongetreversegeocoderesult (Reve
                Rsegeocoderesult result) {if (result = = NULL | | Result.error! = SearchResult.ERRORNO.NO_ERROR) {
                } if (Result! = NULL && Result.error = = SearchResult.ERRORNO.NO_ERROR) {//Get location

                Address = result.getaddress ();

            System.out.println ("Get position" + address);
        }}/** * geocoding query result callback function * @param result geocoding Query results */@Override public void Ongetgeocoderesult (Geocoderesult result) {}}); 

Baidu Map address coding and anti-coding has been completed, really very simple oh!

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