Baidu Map API positioning current and bus query

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This article mainly introduces the Baidu map automatic positioning to the current function, then you can specify the starting location to query the bus.

<! DOCTYPE html><html><head>    <meta http-equiv="Content-type" Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8 " />    <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, User-scalable=no " />    <style type="Text/css">        Body,HTML {width: %;  height: %;  margin:0;  font-family:"Microsoft Jas Black";  font-size:px; }        #l-map{height: +px;  width:%; }        #r-result,#r-result Table{width:%;  Clear:both; }        #routePanel P{float:left;}     </style>    <script type="text/javascript" src=" /API?V=2.0&AK=DDD05FCBA9FEA5B83BF648515E04FC4C "></script>    <script src="Http://"></script>    <title>Multi-end selection of bus transfer query</title></head><body>    <div id="L-map"></div>    <div id="Routepanel">        <p Style="margin-right:10px;" >Starting point:<span><input type="text" id="Start"></input></span></P>        <p>End:<span id="b_pointname1"><input type="text" id="End"></input></span></span>        <button onclick="search ()">Inquire</button>    </div>    <div id="R-result" style="Display:none;" ></div></body></html><script type="Text/javascript">    varMap ("L-map"); Map.centerandzoom (NewBmap.point (116.404,39.915), A); Map.enablescrollwheelzoom ();//Navigate to Current location    varGeolocation =NewBmap.geolocation (); Geolocation.getcurrentposition ( function(r){        if( This. getStatus () = = bmap_status_success) {varmk =NewBmap.marker (R.point);            Map.addoverlay (MK); Map.panto (R.point);//alert (' Your location: ' +r.point.lng+ ', ' ');}Else{Alert (' failed '+ This. GetStatus ()); }},{enablehighaccuracy:true})//About status code    //bmap_status_success retrieved successfully. Corresponds to the value "0".     //bmap_status_city_list City list. Corresponds to the value "1".     //bmap_status_unknown_location location result unknown. Corresponds to the value "2".     //bmap_status_unknown_route navigation results are unknown. Corresponds to the value "3".     //bmap_status_invalid_key illegal keys. Corresponds to the value "4".     //bmap_status_invalid_request illegal request. Corresponds to the value "5".     //bmap_status_permission_denied does not have permissions. Corresponds to the value "6". (added since 1.1)    The //bmap_status_service_unavailable service is not available. Corresponds to the value "7". (added since 1.1)    //bmap_status_timeout Timeout. Corresponds to the value "8". (added since 1.1)    varTransit =NewBmap.transitroute (map, {renderoptions: {map:map, Panel:"R-result"}, Onresultshtmlset: function(){$("#r-result"). Show ()}); function search() {        varStart = $ ("#start"). Val (), End = $ ("#end"). Val (); (Start,end); }</script>
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According to some of Baidu's API, can make their own personalized navigation system, interested friends can be in-depth study. Related to Baidu provided reference: Http://

Baidu Map API positioning current and bus query

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