Baidu Map API

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Author: User key must be applied first.Map level: 3~18; the higher the level the more detailed
var point =new Bmap.point (116.404,39.915); it's the center of the map.
First, the public version
    • Complete components, but the code is many, mainly facing the PC end, the mobile end consumption of traffic
Steps to use:
    1. Release--Tool support--map builder
    2. Create a map-get code
    3. Copy the code into the HTML file
    4. Copy your secret key to the corresponding location, behind "ak="
    5. The code can be modified to the appropriate content, such as: location title, location details, offset, center point, high map width
    6. Run the code, complete
    7. See the settings: Release--JavaScript API Volkswagen--Development guide
Second, the speed version
    • With fewer components, facing the mobile side
Steps to use:
    1. Release--JavaScript API Speed--Development guide
    2. To add, adjust locations, delete controls, see: release -to- JavaScript API speed -up controls.
    3. You can also customize a control and remember to call it and add it to the map.
    4. Create an overlay (route, reminder landmark) for details, see: Release --the javascript API speed -up overlay .
    5. Location Events: Release --- javascript API speed --- events
    6. Open Browser Run
Third, components
    • Components are added themselves, with their own component features for easy development
Steps to use:
    1. Release--Web Component api--> Development Guide. Note: The code on the mobile side is different.

Baidu Map API

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