Baidu map iOS SDK and Baidu map iossdk

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Baidu map iOS SDK and Baidu map iossdk

Baidu map Android SDK or iOS SDK or a variety of API Tool products use Baidu's own encrypted coordinate system.

Many developers use GPS or other methods to obtain the location points, which is different from the coordinate system used by Baidu map.

When developers apply the spatial location information to map maps, they need to correct the response (Coordinate Conversion). The iOS SDK has provided developers with a response coordinate conversion method,

Developers only need a few lines of code to implement the corresponding coordinate conversion operation.

The specific method is as follows:

CLLocationCoordinate2D test = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake (39.90868, 116.3956); // convert coordinates of google Maps, soso maps, aliyun maps, mapabc maps, and amap maps to Baidu coordinates NSDictionary * testdic = Baidu (test, BMK_COORDTYPE_COMMON); // convert GPS coordinates to Baidu coordinate testdic = BMKConvertBaiduCoorFrom (test, BMK_COORDTYPE_GPS); NSLog (@ "x = % @, y = % @", [testdic objectForKey: @ "x"], [testdic objectForKey: @ "y"]); </span>

Is it easy !~

For more information, see our official website:

Baidu map iOS SDK v210

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What is Baidu map's api? Vector line of my hundred-degree map ......

Baidu map API is a free set of application interfaces based on Baidu map service, including JavaScript API, Web Service API, Android SDK, iOS SDK, positioning SDK, iov api, LBS cloud and other development tools and services, provides basic map display, search, positioning, inverse/geocoding, route planning, LBS cloud storage and retrieval functions, and is suitable for PCs, mobile terminals, servers, and other devices, map application development in multiple operating systems.

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