Baidu Music listen to how to play random songs?

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Some friends want to listen to music to relax, but do not know what to listen to, Baidu's heart to listen to is to lift your inner tangle of the platform, in the Baidu music listening, songs in random play, seemingly aimless listening to music, but actually let the heart, let us know how to play it.

1, Baidu search Baidu Music, and then found in the search results Baidu Music-Hear the ultimate title, open in.

2, small partners to enter the home page of Baidu Music, and then click on the navigation bar of the heart to listen to the button, you can enter the heart to listen to the page.

3, here, it will play a random music, if you think this music is not your favorite type, or not suitable for the state of mind at this time, then click on the right side of the switch button.

4, after entering the new page, is all the music to listen to the category label, you will find that one of the musical scales in the Beat, which means that at this time you hear the music is this category, you can choose according to your needs of other categories, and then listen to the platform will automatically change the song for you.

5, if you are a pursuit of high-quality tyrants, the music is particularly sensitive to the quality and critical, then you can click on the upper right corner of the quality options, and then choose ultra-high quality or sound enhancement, but this is conditional, you open Baidu Music Platinum VIP member Oh.

6. If you like the music that you play randomly, want to download it to the computer, so that you can often listen to, click on the Download button, and then enter the download page, once again click the Download button, you can download it, the same, if you want to download the best quality version, you have to open a member Oh.

7, if you want to share the music you like to their small partners, click on the Share button, will jump out of a lot of sharing site optional, such as the choice of Sina Weibo, and then into the Sharing page, click to share, you can add a few words oh.

8, if you think you hear the music is memorable, then you can click on the top right corner of the collection button, is a small love icon, and then, here you can see more of your collection of music Oh. Little friends, let's go and listen.

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