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Recently, the Product Department user experience team of students to put ads under the Alliance Environment for a series of research aimed at a more scientific way to optimize the network Alliance advertising, in improving the user experience at the same time, enhance the advertising effect, the formation of users and advertisers win the situation.

Of course, the network environment can be described as thousand posture, different sites have different design layout, want to improve the user experience in complex and changeable environment to enhance the effect of advertising is not easy. This study is a simple attempt, if you can be inspired and in-depth research, and in the near future to apply it to practice, then our user Experience team can play the purpose of the goal is also very gratifying.

I. Preparation before the experiment

1. Research object:

Select the most common text page and list page in the Network Alliance environment as the research object, with high quality text page and List page as the benchmark;

2. Research methods:

To take eye movement research, by observing the hot map, analyzing the experimental data, the qualitative investigation is upgraded to the scientific quantification level, and in the experiment we take the experiment interview, the observation in the experiment, and the later data screening to revise the error caused by the condition control in the experiment, so as to make the result close to the actual online situation more authentic and reliable;

3, the noun explanation:

(1) Participation:: Note the proportion of people who advertise

(2) The length of the region's gaze: eye gaze on the time of an area on the page

(3) Advertisement attention degree = Participation degree * Long *100 of Gaze point

That is, the length of the gaze. * Participation indicates the average degree of attention of all participating users to the advertisement; multiplying by 100 is the integration of values, indicating that 100 people are concerned about the total length of advertising.

Ii. content of the experiment

1. Information density

Cognitive psychology holds that each cognitive activity needs to occupy and consume certain cognitive resources, and when the resources needed for cognitive tasks do not exceed the total resources, attention should be paid to coordination and distribution.

The amount of information that is hosted on a page is not equivalent to what the user can receive, but when the page is very informative, the user will feel a huge cognitive burden without processing it in detail. If the cognitive resources needed for stimulating information in the page exceed the cognitive resources that people have, people can only apply limited resources to important tasks and choose to ignore unimportant information. Therefore, the amount of information that the page is loaded with is the size of the message density that can affect the user's absorption of the page information.

Take the list page as the research object, the information density Two study index: The white and the advertisement number. Left page Information density > right page information density.

Eye movement data--advertising focus and observation page total length

Through eye movement experiment found:

The information density of the page users need to browse for a long time, small information density of the page user browsing time is short.

In contrast to the length of time, the information density of the page is long, but the advertising attention is small, information density small page browsing time is short but advertising attention.

2. Paging value

Layout of whole pages and pagination

Eye movement data--a comparison of the advertising attention of whole page and pagination

Through eye movement experiment found:

Full page and pagination all the ads of the comprehensive attention, the whole page effect is best. pagination, where pagination 1 works best, followed by full page rendering, and pagination 2 and paging 3 have the worst effect. It is important to take note of the effect of excluding experimental factors: pagination rendering page with the number of pages increased advertising effect of the first reduction. Pagination renders the less patient the user, and the smaller the browsing, the last page of user browsing probability is the smallest. Therefore, the value of advertising in the page is decreasing in descending order.

3, advertising and content-related degree

When advertising, what is the relationship between advertising and the content of the page, this relationship will affect the attention of the ads?

(1) We have selected three different content pages, include: Apparel page, car page, Home appliance page, also selected three kinds of ads, including: Apparel advertising, car ads, home appliances ads, at the same time put on three different pages, control each content ads on different pages on the position and the number of equal, the experiment found:

When the content of the advertisement is consistent with the content of the page, the advertisement is of the highest concern.

Users look at ads, more willing to browse: apparel on the page of the clothing ads, car ads inside the page, home appliances page Home appliances ads.

(2) Does the interest of the user affect these factors? We divide the user into interested and not interested.

In interested users, when the user is interested in the content of the ads, the user is interested in the content of the ads, put to the page of interest to be more effective.

That is, user interest & advertising Content & page content consistent, advertising the most attention

When the user is not interested in the content of the ads, the user is not interested in advertising, the ads to the content and page content consistent page effect better.

That is, advertising content & page content consistent, advertising the most attention.

Because of the length of the relationship, this article is based on the overall page layout, Web content, and advertising relationship between the study.

The next article will look at the details, through the different advertising positions, to the position and advertising focus on in-depth research, please expect.

Article Source: Baidu Alliance user Experience Center

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