Baidu Network disk Search source code, new Word function, content-related aggregation of higher

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Baidu Net Disk Search source code description:

Best applicable environment:Linux (if not the Linux system, the win system can also, but PHP is born to run on Linux, Linux running PHP performance is not the win system can match)

Source Code Description:Php+mysql

about the front end:The front end is based on the bootstrap framework.

about AD positions:This program is to use pseudo-static address access, you can increase the ad bit by one click.

about collection Sources:Collection source is directly collected Baidu network disk, this can avoid some failure resource problems and so on.

about the program kernel:Program all for their own development, non-application of open source core, self-developed programs specifically for storage cloud disk billion-level data, personal views, whether from performance or applicability is superior to the open source core.

about the database: The database is stored according to the classification of the file, the database is optimized, and the keyword index is added to save the loss of the database resources. (Actual measurement: After importing 120 million data, the loss of resources can be largely negligible.) )

about Search:This program search is based on Coreseek Chinese open source framework, billion-level data, search millisecond level.

about crawlers:This crawler is based on PHP Snoopy class write a crawler, updated the crawler trigger, the original Web trigger mode changed to the command line trigger, optimized the crawler timeout problem.

new Crawler added 3 features:

1. Added crawler-routed function

2, added the use of proxy IP function

3, added the function of the cookies (why to add a cookie function, this secrecy OH)

program new features:

1, automatic collection of Baidu hot Key Words

2, added feature features, easier search engine rankings.

3, added the word segmentation function, the content aggregation correlation degree is higher.

4. Delete some flashy SQL statements, save the server resources to the end.

The program is about:

Note: This program is directly collected Baidu network disk resources, and will be stored in the database, not on the market to see the Thief class program.

1, the previous paragraph after careful optimization of the SEO processing, the basic need not modify what content, take directly can be used.

2, the program can carry hundreds of millions of data, so do not worry about the future of more data will be how

3, the Network Disk resources download page to do the relevant content aggregation optimization, and the relevant recommendations do the classification of documents.

4. Participle function

Demo: Only the homepage and resource Details page, the remaining pages please open the URL to view.


Resource Details Page:

Baidu Network disk Search source code, new Word function, content-related aggregation of higher

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