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I. Foreshadowing

Baidu has also begun to get involved in the forum, hereinafter referred to as baidu forum. The first post in the Baidu forum was posted on February 8,. However, many webmasters are far away from the threshold for sending external links in the Baidu forum, therefore, Baidu published a post on the Forum on June 14, May 23 to handle low-quality news sites. If Baidu really wants to tell our webmaster why he wants to publish a post on the forum rather than making a news announcement? Consider the mysteries.


II. Analysis

Let's take a look at how this article is standardized. I will use the red lines to show the important information in this article for your convenience. Baidu mentioned that news should be authentic and valuable for collection and sorting. The euphemism here is actually the meaning of collection, but you must increase the value of the article rather than copy and paste it.


Baidu said that Li Yanhong had recently discovered that he liked to go around the border and told us that they were going to take action. Many people may wonder how Baidu knows about cheating, low quality, and fraudulent content mentioned in this article? Don't underestimate Baidu's engineers. They are all senior Internet netizens who are well-experienced. They can basically see our tricks at a glance. So if you haven't been replaced by K, or the next round is probably your turn.

III. Processing

Baidu defines high-quality news sites, and the following figure shows clearly. How can we assess the public trust and authority? Look at your audience, except for GOV websites, Baidu has very few websites like K, you know. What kind of content will be considered as low-quality, over-optimized, advertisement, malicious traffic direction, and keyword stacking are what most webmasters do, for example, placing links to your website at the bottom of the link is a malicious traffic diversion. Inserting advertisements in the body is better than knowing what to do on the medical site, keyword stacking is generally used in some gray industries because the relevance content is seldom used to increase relevance through keyword stacking.


Baidu provides an example of junk content:

Introduce, intercept, and repeat popular keywords in the news title or body, and the keywords have no substantive connection with the content described in the actual news, or are very far-fetched, this kind of behavior will be regarded as a deception to search engines. I will not list them here for details.

IV. Recovery

Baidu clearly pointed out that if you clean up the spam content and do not add it later, Baidu will automatically remove it during certain observation periods. This is intriguing. How long is the observation period? Baidu did not point out that it should be about three months based on experience. If the time is too long, it may cause public anger.



Baidu's action showed that he had reached the limit on spam content, or he wanted our webmaster to pay attention to his forum. I thought Li Yanhong was the only one who knew the reason. We should not guess here. Although the news site is being rectified this time, it indicates that Baidu's anti-spam system has been improved or is being tested. This operation may be just about killing chickens and monkeys, don't be too happy for the webmaster without K. Maybe Baidu will publish an announcement about the rectification of enterprise site junk content soon.

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