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SEO optimization site also has some simple skills, specific as follows:

The first is to the enterprise's own keywords or the product itself to carry out an effective summary, according to a certain content and form of effective classification, the data must be clear. The formation of a certain table or directory, although simple but for the visitors is quite practical. The other is to stand on the professional point of view, with the identity of the experts on their own stacks of analysis, so that the site visitors become your effective media. There is the ability to effectively use news and emergencies or hot spots, to integrate their own things into it, in the imperceptible infection of the people concerned. To learn to abandon, but also to give up simple small interests, the courage to their content as a free supply to the public, which is simply called the enjoyment of popular. There is also the ability to make full use of the connections and information between partners, and to promote the potential of individuals. In fact, can also become the use of social relations within a certain range of speculation. More easily become the dissemination of fast information.

improve the user experience degree

Commission website traffic, key words before, the crux is to improve the user experience degree. In the fierce competition environment, to get the user's heart, it is necessary to improve the user experience degree. Users browse the site, in order to they want, if the content of the site and the content of the propaganda is inconsistent, will make customers disappointed. So the effort to optimize is to get a better return. If you put a lot of ads on your site, users will feel that the site is too commercial. Advertising reasonable input, window frequency reasonable, customers will understand. So to improve the user experience is fundamentally to make friends with users. In addition to these, there is a point of user attention is the site speed, in the site to add video and so on, will greatly reduce the speed of the loading of the Web page, according to statistics, a Web site opened more than 5 seconds, users will be lost 10%, in 3 seconds or so is the most ideal. In this way, improve the user experience, then improve the site's visibility and ranking is not a problem.

Site Weight

The weight of the site is more and more important for a site, the weight of the site represents the search engine on the site's trust and degree of recognition. At the same time the weight of the site can also be about the ranking of the site. In life, domain names with gov and Edu are authoritative because of their web site security, content authenticity, and links to other sites. Adhere to the authenticity of the site content, too much reprint and plagiarism, will gradually reduce your weight. In the establishment of the site time, regardless of the length of time, only through continuous improvement of the site, value the experience of users, then your site will be in many sites stand out. Site links to the weight of the impact is also very large, links include internal links and external links, internal links are recommended, interdependent, external links are important, and high-quality external links, will make your website visibility, access to a large number. The internal pages of the site, the page and the homepage and the theme of the site is closely linked, the continuity between the three, professional, and authoritative degree will greatly improve the weight of the site.

flat structure of the website

Flat web site structure like the company management, managers directly manage employees, more direct, faster, as well as search engines, you can more easily find something to find. For the structure of the site, the first thing affected by it is the site within the chain. For the structure of the site, if you want to stand out in many sites, you need to optimize the structure of the search engine. Search engines use your main keywords and include key keywords in the title. The article can affect the main keywords, do a good job related directory tired of the mutual contact and maintain the relevance of the article, will greatly improve the search engine rankings and click-through. In addition to the main keyword is the secondary keyword, in the secondary keyword, but also to maintain the classification of secondary keywords set, the main keyword is usually 3 words within the word, so that the composition of the keyword, the classification of its set up, so that you can make your site through the article to get more links, This link to the category directory, these directories and links to the home page, will improve the ranking of keywords, as well as the site's attention. This way through the keywords and secondary keywords will make your Beijing SEO structure benefits the most

How to choose key Words

Search engine in most of the information is through the keyword to achieve, then the key words in which it is important, if the keyword election is not correct or almost no one to search, then the site's visibility again large, traffic will not be very large. But the choice of keyword is also not an easy thing, first of all, is also the most basic, the key words and the enterprise's products, services tightly combined. If the two are not relevant, so timely users through the keyword into the site, then he will not be interested in your site, but users may be disgusted with your site, but also not interested in your products, although this may generate traffic, so only the traffic is not sales of the site is useless. The second is to stand in the user's perspective to think about the problem, you choose the keyword is the user will be used to search the keyword, you have to think if you are users you will use what keyword to search. When choosing the keyword, the merchant should try to use some words that are easy to understand and not to use the words that are too technical or unfamiliar to us. After the keyword is determined, the frequency and density of keywords appearing in the website have important effect on the optimization of search engine.

put your mind in the right place

With the continuous development of SEO, more and more SEO enthusiasts/workers have been engaged in the construction of the SEO, which, there is confusion, there are persistent, confused, and retreat and so on. So how does SEO actually do? How to face to know it?

SEO mentality is very important, SEO is different from any one industry, it has the existence of the development and specificity. Say special because SEO has a lot of concepts, expand the words, can be said to be a technology, or a tool, a knowledge, a product, all nouns can be reflected from it. SEO expansion, extension of the things are not only to stay on the network or technology on this side. We all understand the low threshold of SEO, as long as a little grasp of the knowledge of the site, plus skills, to make a simple list or to do a basic SEO ranking is not a problem. But the simpler it is, the bigger the potential is hidden behind it. Ask the next advanced SEO, is to rely on SEO rankings or with the SEO site to build the SEO, a few people can understand and use SEO to bring their own great benefits. So do seo certain mentality set, put right. This is a key step to success, the mentality is not right, do nothing will not succeed. Want to eat a big fat only in the dream only dreamed. Want to rely on a little seo fur also fooled some do not understand the line of outsiders, the most is to give themselves a mask everywhere to do rankings, website optimization, this life is short-lived.

keep on Challenging yourself

SEO in this talent, SEO to learn to continue to challenge. Only to challenge themselves to improve their abilities, the challenge is not simply to challenge SEO technical attainments, there are some challenges in life.

If you want to improve technology, you should continue to study. In the dry period to take the initiative to choose Learning, usually also love to learn some of the advantages of SEO things. There are key words difficult challenges, see many sites change keyword positioning. There was a blog before the main keyword for "Chengdu seo" because it is not too difficult so blog this heavy soil return, he relocated the blog's target keyword for "SEO." This keyword many people have done, or is the technology does not always go up, or on the home page was k off. So as far as possible to reduce the speed of optimization to ensure that not excessive optimization, but also try not to use link farms to do, because most of the "SEO" home page are linked to the suspicion of the farm. Want to become a good SEO, it is necessary to do beyond the efforts of others, this is the eternal law, no one is born stronger than others. So to understand all aspects of SEO, as far as possible to learn from the optimization, data analysis, editing, outside the chain construction, program modification, Production site optimization program, SEO team preparation, and improve their ability in the SEO.

Topsy SEO optimization

SEO in the determination of the site before the need to be analyzed, according to the results of the analysis to make the corresponding optimization plan. Because you need to build different optimization methods for different topic web site construction.

First, determine the site's keywords. Keyword selection is very important, not only related to the initial site, more can affect the direction of website development and the optimization of the entire site, once the key words to determine how not to change, or not only affect the existing rankings, but also easy to make the site down the right, the site's life-long impact is also great. Second, the site's internal optimization, the site structure is not necessarily able to meet the needs of optimization, need to optimize the key words related changes, which will involve the title of the site, keywords and description changes, the overall structure of the site optimization, the site's internal links optimization. Search engine optimization maintenance, search engine is a variable, its own ranking algorithm is constantly changing, coupled with competition, we need to continue to maintain and update the site, always pay attention to the status of the site in order to maintain a stable ranking. Finally, the site outside the link building, just as advertising is the same, so that more people know the site, search engines will give us a good impression of the site, while increasing the number of visits to the site. This is a long-term process, can not be anxious, or will be the search engine misjudged cheating. The above is Chongqing SEO for the optimization of some insights, official blog address:

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