Baidu rely on deceive Google to coax the era has passed

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Some time ago, when browsing the post, I saw a man upstairs discussing the problem of false originality, say what Baidu rely on deception, Google by coax, their own false original machine let Baidu included how much, when I asked him the flow of time, he did not speak, and then asked, the amount of advertising clicks, he said very poor, and the browsing degree is very shallow, Basically stay less than 3 seconds! So what can we see from this thing? I'll talk to you about it!

One, do not take Baidu Google when * * *

Baidu 5 years ago and today's Baidu is absolutely not the same, now Baidu in Chinese search technology is no longer a 3-year-old child, you use 5 years ago to fool him with the technology, how can you get good results? Google, let alone, Google's technology is far above Baidu, Google's failure in China is not defeated by technology! So no matter what tricks you play, Google looks at you like a monkey! Any trick can not escape his discernment, so never again Baidu rely on cheat, Google by coax thought! If you use such thoughts to do the station, you can now give your site a reprieve!

Second, the site is to do for people to see not to do to the search engine to see

A lot of webmasters are talking about technology like that, but rarely tempting to discuss how to improve the experience of the site visitors, this is why many webmasters do not get up, do not make a big reason, every day to consider is Baidu instead of viewers, everything is for inclusion, everything is for IP rather than viewers, Ignore the factors that should really be taken seriously. Imagine, when the browser to your site, see the head of the donkey is not the horse mouth of the text, messy layout, the whole piece of advertising, he is what feeling!

Third, change the concept from the improvement of the viewer experience to start

We do Web sites for viewers to see, is for people to see, not to the machine to see, if you want to know what the best SEO skills, I can tell you, that is all people-oriented, as long as your website is built to improve the experience of the visitors, it will be in search engines to get very good rankings, Now the Google and Baidu can easily identify excellent site, this point you do not have to doubt!

Well, about Baidu and Google's IQ problem, I talk with you so much, the fundamental idea is to everyone must abandon what despicable means to do, regular station, steadfast do station! I believe your tomorrow will be more beautiful! Finally can not forget to make a link to my website, must thin weight loss thin body net (http://, to say the truth, in A5 and Chinaz send articles to bring the chain is really very good! can share experience, but also to build a website, like this way of promotion!

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