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"Guide" 2012 Years of 6, 7, 83 months, Baidu's search engine engineers because of the update algorithm, special busy, busy mess, busy dizzy. August 31, Baidu's algorithm update finally came to an end. Idle engineers began to hurt their eggs, so they went nonstop to modify the details.

Most of Baidu's engineers are not romantic, they would rather have nothing to do, than go home with their wives-code is their loyal, never betray lover. So they began to change the details on behalf of Baidu, from the appearance of Baidu Bear Paw logo, to the search results of the title URL changes, and then to search keyword-related recommendations, Xiamen SEO consultant Xiaoxiang Yu Wen thought, Baidu modified the details of the original intention is good, but the changes are not thorough enough, not enough intentions, and ultimately to leave the thankless, A mixed joke.

 Baidu modified details one, in each search page number above add Baidu Bear Paw logo


This change improves the experience of the search user, for which the majority of those who praise. Details please see "Baidu Small Change bear paw all over the world", here do not repeat.

 Baidu changes the details of two, search results title URL into a string of ugly strings


As we all know, Baidu's search results generally by the site title, site description and the composition of the site domain. Before the Baidu changes the details, the mouse to put the site title shows the URL address of the page. But helpless, the egg pain of Baidu engineers to the original simple and easy to distinguish the URL address into a long string of ugly string--it is more than the laceless of the smelly woman's long and smelly cloth.

Before the mouse put on the "Xiamen SEO Consultant" This search results of the title above, the display is the URL of the title, also known as www.***.com but now, the mouse is put up to show is: A5d79d55bf16764b1167fd3aef9ab ... (10,000 words omitted here)

Ni, this lover is too difficult to understand, there are wood! Xiaoxiang Yu Wen want to say is, do not because the code is your lover, you bushel, wishful thinking that the code is our lover. In fact, said out of fear everyone jokes, code is my enemy, otherwise, I would go to Google as a search engine engineer.

  Baidu changes the details of three, search for certain keywords, appear "You may be interested in"


Baidu, you have no confidence in your search results? Why should you be so foolish as to recommend "what you might be interested in"?

Brother Search is the network management software, but you recommend speed test, flow monitoring, routers, Thunder, Jinshan poison PA, such as a series of irrelevant things to brother, you take off pants fart let Brother love why? Have you ever considered what your brother felt? Niang, you are a big chest no brain, the busier the busier, the confidence point can not! Such a thankless thing, Doing less is wonderful.

The above is Baidu Search engine engineers update algorithm, non-stop to do three details of the changes. Aside from the popularity of the first detail change, the remaining two details can only be described with a failure.

Degree Niang, elder brother represents the general stationmaster and Seoer hope you look after yourself, warning. Copyright statement: Respect for copyright everyone is responsible for this article by Xiaoxiang Yu-wen original, A5 first, reproduced please retain the original link:

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