Baidu says low quality site flooding will support the original class of quality website

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[Guide] Wang Yu revealed that leisure and entertainment, film and television video, games, education, business-to-business, etc. is the most intense user demand in the 2012, 2013 will also occupy the leading position, so in the process of construction and operation, as far as possible to these areas to develop transformation.


Baidu will support High-quality original website (Tencent Science and technology with map)

Tencent Science and Technology (Lotte) March 6 News, 201,300 degrees Webmaster Meeting held in Beijing, and issued the "2013 China web site Operation Trend Report." Baidu said it will focus on supporting the original class of high-quality websites. This is also considered to be 360 to enter after the search, Baidu to win over a webmaster strategy.

Baidu Web search chief product architect Li Ming said, whether it is hardware facilities, the Internet environment, or Internet users on the network awareness and behavior, are constantly upgrading. This requires the Web site to do "more subdivision of the field, service more professional, more close to life." Now the Internet is in a dynamic period of change, the search engine and the site must be more closely, open, proactive cooperation, to meet the opportunities and challenges.

Baidu has also launched a know-it-all "Lee" on the site and operations. Baidu said that "Lee" is a collection of highly intelligent engineers team, focusing on search algorithms, original, Internet ecological construction and other fields. As a representative of the "Lee" team, Wang Yu, from Baidu's web search product Marketing Department, read the report.

Wang Yu pointed out that China's web site operation is facing problems: Low quality site flooding, the search engine unfriendly, security problems serious. By the end of 2012, the domestic quality website is only 25%, make fast money into the mainstream trend of website operation, 75% low quality sites seriously crowding out the development of high-quality website space. 72% site on the search engine friendly degree is low, nearly 40% website search engine optimization degree failed, nearly 30% to the user needs to grasp insufficient.

In this regard, Wang Yu that content quality is the long-term driving force for Web site development. Website construction is not able to do it overnight, abandon the idea of a crash, from the user demand point of view of the content construction and accumulation, return to the content of the king's source. In addition to low quality web sites, security also affects the development of the Internet industry.

Wang Yu said that 65% sites have a different degree of security risks, including government agencies and shopping sites are the highest frequency of attacks, embedded in the dark chain, page tampering, planting a network of horses is the main way of illegal attacks. To this end, Baidu Webmaster platform for the webmaster to provide security detection tools and vulnerability detection tools, but also from the web search ranking algorithm, news search sorting algorithm, special type of display, such as preferential treatment of original quality site.

Wang Yu revealed that leisure and entertainment, film and television video, games, education, business-to-business is the most intense user needs in the field, 2013 will also occupy the leading position, so in the construction of the station and operation process, the webmaster needs to be as far as possible to these major areas to develop transformation. In the face of the new 2013, Baidu Webmaster platform, said the owner platform will be launched "Spark program", including the original Spark program, website Growth Spark Program, the Internet Protocol Spark program. In addition, site search plan, webmaster guidance plan, etc. also in the Baidu Webmaster platform 2013 years of work planning.

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