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Note: This article is scattered from the internet. I have collected some related content and sorted it out. It is also counted as a reference for friends who wish to bring better traffic through Baidu search.
Domestic webmasters rely on Baidu for a lot of traffic, so it is very necessary for sites to be friendly to Baidu. Of course, if you feel unnecessary, it is your own business. The optimization strategy mentioned here is not about cheating ideas, but about how to make it easier for users to find out what you mean if you have a website with good content!
1. Why do I control the page size? Baidu has a limit on the size of the page to be indexed. If the page is too large, Baidu will not accept the page at the bottom. therefore, if the page size exceeds KB, Baidu cannot find the following content. therefore, we recommend that you set the page size to less than KB. if the page size must be exceeded, write the important content in front of the page to facilitate keyword ranking. in addition, it is said that Baidu is more friendly to letters and numbers, but this is not verified.
2. There must be no more advertisements on the homepage. If you keep one or two advertisements on the homepage, you are advised to put the Baidu search box on the homepage. Even if you do not cheat, too many advertisements may affect your website.
3. Some netizens have done some experiments and found that Baidu's ranking order has roughly the following sequence rules: well-known sites, alliance members, non-commercial sites, and page update time. Specific Analysis: How do I determine whether a website is a well-known site by using a well-known site search program? It is probably related to the following factors:. number of sites included B. external links of the site, that is, baidu's web hyperchain analysis method C. site traffic, which is controversial. The industry generally regards rankings as irrelevant to website traffic. Explanations of member sites mainly refer to some partners of baidu, such as tom and qq, then there is the search alliance, and some programs that steal the baidu database will also be exposed; it seems that baidu is not friendly to commercial sites due to the bidding ranking problem; baidu cares about the page update time, it is impossible for a search engine to rank the pages a few months ago. To sum up, if several types of websites have a certain keyword, depending on the degree of well-known, by category, and if everyone is the same, Baidu will rank the post-update first based on the order of webpage updates, this is a general conclusion drawn from the analysis of other websites.

4. In addition, if all the pages you are indexed by Baidu are in a certain keyword, they will also rank more advanced. This is the most basic aspect. In general, just use the appropriate keywords. This is just a general situation. It is not an absolute rule. The most important thing is that the title fully matches the top priority of a keyword or long title, which is the most important. For example, "GooglePub search forum-follow Google follow search follow internet", here "search" is valued. "Long title before" is specified. If your title has many keywords, the previous keywords are valued and ignored later.

5. People who are engaged in search engine optimization in China are engaged in google ranking and google Optimization. No one dares to optimize the ranking of baidu because baidu is highly manual.

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