Baidu share is very eye-catching but to ensure that the truth as far as possible do not rely on brush

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Baidu launched to share perhaps a year or so, and now a lot of stationmaster very concerned about this small hand, hope to find some way to quickly brush up the number of small hands, so whether it is effective or have a profit and no harm? Please listen to my understanding, the inadequacy or the wrong place please point out.

First of all, why Baidu will launch to share this dongdong, of course, is not a whim, of course, not to suppress the current popular third-party sharing system Jisthis, for more consideration, may be in improving the quality of search products, add a can be based on and reference heavy weights. We can all see it. Baidu's search products have been climbing, including the crackdown on Taobao customers, the appearance of various functions, all of the Baidu in search engine ambitions, of course, they also know that the best product is the most important, no matter how big a business he is now, how many users, As Tencent QQ is also constantly perfect, dare to do with the user?

Undeniably can not be doubted, Baidu in many products are very successful, the introduction of Baidu sharing is also successful. People who understand SEO know that a share can see a lot of aspects of the site information, such as high traffic but sharing less, that this station may be a garbage station, there is no actual content, not attract customers; if sharing too much, and PV is poor, it may be in the brush share, this is not difficult to understand it; If you share the quality of the site is poor, such as Weibo fans less, blog articles less, or simply is to share some of the newly registered users, it is likely to be in the brush. Thin a think, many aspects of the judge Baidu it can be done. If you simply care about the number next to the small hand, there may be Baidu listed in the yellow list (my guess is to put the weight is not high in the queue), which will bring a fatal blow to the site, the light included in the cache to reduce the slow, heavy direct K your station, so you can never turn over.

Say again Baidu user experience, look at the product of Baidu, how a concise and clear? Without too much fancy, no fun blinds interface, a practical simple atmosphere easy to operate the page, is to show the user the best interface. Some people will ask, Baidu share and user experience what is the relationship? Ask well, the relationship is very big, we can know what Baidu company pursues is a kind of idea, can see Baidu pay attention to is the user's experience and use, care is content. Baidu's acquisition of the site's processing is also very successful. This means that Baidu requires the quality of the site and the user experience.

Then we can sum up, to want more small hands hug, from the user experience, content to do it, brush Baidu share the risk is too big. This is obviously a hole dug by Baidu, so that the webmaster to jump, so that Baidu can better improve their search products.

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