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One, Baidu share can really improve the rankings?

This is the majority of seoer most concerned about the topic, my view is that no matter whether Baidu is currently put into the ranking algorithm, it will definitely affect the rankings.

First of all, is also the most intuitive, the snapshot site behind the thumb is still more eye-catching. In the first screen of a few sites, with this small icon will make it appear relatively eye-catching, the user is likely because of this small icon and directly click on your site. The layman sees the lively, the expert sees the doorway. Do not know what this will be because of the freshness of your site, know what it is will feel that you are sensitive to the dynamic of the SEO, will enter your site to see if there are more valuable things. This brings two benefits, first, to your site to call more traffic, increase your traffic; second, if many users first click on your site, this is to tell the search engine, this site is the most authoritative, users need most, and the ultimate mission of the search engine is to show the user the most needed things in front. If your site is wonderful, users stay longer and visit more pages, which will make search engines more trusting of your site.

Second, through Baidu share can get outside the chain. Baidu to share the integration of 31 buttons, if others to share in watercress, and news, Baidu Space, Baidu search and so on the site, it is equivalent to you do a chain. As SEO you, still hold live? (The 31 buttons, how many DoFollow, nofollow, how many share URLs have been processed, please filter yourself)

Second, how to brush Baidu share?

1, change IP; 2, every few hours to brush once; 3, many people brush each other.

Tips: Do not count only, to really share to the terminal, which is more beneficial to your site.

Third, IP count limit

Tested some sites that were installed with Baidu share. A few days ago, the same IP within the same day can only increase 5 shares. Now, 1 IPs can only be increased by 2 shares. Of course you can click on the share icon indefinitely, a minute can be painted hundreds of times, but when you refresh the page, the count can only increase 2 times now. Baidu is constantly adjusting this counting standard. Estimated over a period of time, 1 IP no matter how many times you brush the count can only be + 1, and after a while, only really share to the terminal, can be + 1.

Four, other sharing tools can show this thumb?

No. That's why I'm installing jiathis, just for an experiment. My test station when more than one day of IP 4,000, people less time between 100-200, the snapshot is usually the day or the night before. The number of active users sharing each day is less than more than 10 times a few times. January 11 to February 11 full one months of time, has been using the jiathis, the snapshot URL behind the number is always fixed in the original number. and other installed Baidu sharing tool site, the number behind the update although there are delays, but is constantly changing, updated. In addition, the initiative to develop the sharing tool, share out after the Baidu snapshot will not show the thumb and count. The most influential blog in the country is jiathis, and it is not possible to display the share icon in the snapshot.

Five, not Ann Baidu share, how the snapshot behind also have a thumb?

Baidu to share the process is a piece of code, jump to your terminal page, the site changed to what you want, regardless of that site has no Ann Baidu share, can appear that thumb. Did not install Baidu share but appeared thumb, should be some enthusiasts used to do the experiment out. But now Baidu has noticed this and cleaned up some of these results.

The display of the thumb and count.

From January 10 to February 10, I unload Baidu share one months, the snapshot of the thumb has been there, the count has been 102; to February 24 after the snapshot of the thumb and count has been wood, it is estimated that Baidu's snapshot and make adjustments.

From Baidu constantly adjust the counting method, snapshot icon display way to see, the current Baidu to share this product is still in perfect stage, if you want to be in the SEO fast people one step, then we also want to ancestors one step continuous testing, found that others did not find things, may be very useful oh!

Personal advice, even if you do not care what ranking, what thumb, what counts, you install this tool, others to share their QQ space, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo and other places, are a strong publicity for you. If you can form viral transmission, then you can also a small bullish. Of course, if it is purely for this purpose, you can replace it with jiathis, or by your own development tools.

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