Baidu shares to the micro-letter link cannot open

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Write an article, first share to QQ space, completely normal, then share to the micro-letter circle of friends, to open the link, repeatedly tried several times, still unresolved.

Check the program and space configuration, did not find the problem, strange is to share the QQ zone but no problem.

Baidu had a turn, found that some people reflected Baidu share to the micro-letter link can not open, but carefully thought about it, Baidu and Tencent such a large company should not appear so obvious mistake it.

In another station also put Baidu share code, share to the micro-letter link can open, thus excluding the Baidu share the problem. See the address after sharing, suddenly understand.

Original error in the address, share a QQ space on the address followed by the # + number letters, and to share the micro-letter is added in the back of the number + number letters.

In fact, if the site is using dynamic address also does not matter, the reason is still my station using pseudo static, in the back after adding a number + number of letters can not find, so the error.

觪 method, after pseudo static added (. *) on it.

For example: Rewriterule/([0-9]+). HTML (. *)/contents.php?w=$1 [I]

So far, the problem is solved perfectly.

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