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1. Pure collection site. Now, not only does any other Baidu search engine not like to collect content, but there is still a saying: "more work and more work", the payment is proportional to the return, it is recommended that Webmaster friends stick to the original copy and edit it, it can also play a very good effect.

2. Baidu knows that the domain name for storing water on it is more likely to be K. We recommend that you do not go to Baidu to promote the website if it is not included yet. It is best to stick to the "station patience" process.

3. Do not have too many links on the same page.

According to the search engine's evaluation of site links, there should be no more than 50 links, too many external links will not be exported even if the PR is very high to your site, you can note that, then, for example, you do not need to add too many internal connections to a blog post. Generally, you can add about three connections to an article.


4. Avoid making links with some junk sites because they will affect your website.

5. The website architecture is clear, and no dead links make search engines lose their way on your website. Finally, we recommend that you make the best map effect.

6. It is difficult to include Alimama ads on the new site. It is recommended that you do not want to make money when you start your website. It is not difficult to make money if you do a good job first.

7. The automatically redirected page may be discarded by Baidu.

This article does not require many comments and is mainly used for redirection of cheating behaviors. Most search engines have similar terms.

8. If your site has been optimized for Baidu but has brought a lot of negative experience to users, your site may eventually be left cold by Baidu.

9. Pay attention to originality. Even if you are copying other people's content, you have to make your own modifications and your own insights to increase creativity and novelty to attract more users and search engines.

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