Baidu snapshot does not update or update extremely slow reasons and solutions

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Baidu has a lot of sites for a long time not to update, a week, half a month, one months or even longer is possible, especially in some new stations! You say they did not update, then wronged others, but the result is so passable!!

We should know that Baidu domestic small spiders but very diligent, from this aspect say they are "bees", diligent tireless. Small spiders come to the site every day to crawl, but is not update the snapshot, the majority of the new webmaster are also said some "Zhang two monks", not to mention how to solve!

In this I and I have a number of webmaster friends over the years summed up some of the experience, to this question for you to analyze the reasons, and explore the corresponding solution. If there is any inaccuracy or lack of place also please point out, we common progress!!

Before, I have a website (three taste bookstore novel) is also this kind of, nearly one months did not update the snapshot date, for several of us are also after the general in-depth research and discussion, concluded that this phenomenon is generally caused by the following reasons:

First, the weight of the site has been reduced by Baidu;

Second, the website has not updated content for a long time;

Third, the site has no original content, or stand on the content and other sites, but the same weight no other site high.

For the above three points, we also summed up the corresponding solution:

First, the weight of the site is reduced by Baidu, generally for the following reasons: such as site poisoning, server instability, website unfriendly, SEO cheating, and so on, this advice to webmaster first from your site to check up, first check your station whether there are some illegal information, or links inside there are some illegal sites exist , and may even be attacked by malicious attacks and so on. Then from the Web site log or server logs to analyze the server is down, this to contact the server to solve; if Baidu down the right words, the site will be reduced, the list will fall, even the snapshot back to the file.

Second, the content of the update should not say more, the content of a Web site must be constantly updated. So how do you update it? Small business site, quantity, 2 to 5 per day is enough, not too much; content, as far as possible to release some of your company's industry-related news, preferably the company's news, such as the company's new product listing, the company has achieved what kind of honor; Of course you can also post some hot news, pseudo-original can be, in the false original when the best to publicize the company, such as a section of Chongqing before the black get wind, then you can say XX company to play black hero to send a lofty respect and so on, and then in the contents of the introduction of the company's strength, The quality of the product.

Third, the original content, it is best to go to some data source Web site to publish some articles, with the Web site. Data source sites are generally more authoritative sites, like A5, such as the general weight of these sites are relatively high, belong to search engine more favored kind, search engine for a long time in its server live, as long as there are any new trends, search engines will be caught in the first, this is a relatively quick way, But must insist for a long time, and it is best to form their own law, in the regular time to publish a regular number of patterns of the type of article, so that the small spider will be regular presence.

Well, having said so much, I have already introduced my own experience. The end of the article, and then add a truth-the content is the King!! I hope you industrious webmaster to create a fruitful results!

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