Baidu star, my competition is over :)

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The online preliminary round won 60 points, and the online finals won only 12 points and 80 points. So far.
In question 2nd, the same conclusion was not taken into account when multiple conditions of the goal method were introduced. Failure seems to make sense.
The 1st question is still not completely figured out. The question shows that N cannot exceed 0.1 million, that is, N x N input data can reach 56 GB bytes--|
It can be said that I was scared away by just inputting. In addition, I did not notice that "if the input data does not have a subset that meets the requirements of the question, the output is none ." So I think that the constraints for dividing subsets are not strict (sometimes there is no division meeting the conditions) and I give up...

It seems that 10 hours is not white-handed. It should be used to do the problem well, rather than submitting it in a hurry. Such a one-time requirement cannot be treated carelessly.

This is a big blow... I don't know how much time it will take to adjust my mindset --...

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