Baidu statistical function of the overall upgrade: increase IP statistics

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Baidu Company in July last year High-profile publishing Baidu statistics This functional statistical service system, the system can help webmaster tracking every user in the enterprise website behavior, help webmaster Improve website Construction Tutorials and adjust the search promotion strategy.

It is reported that Baidu has been committed to the webmaster needs of the understanding and research, with its strong technical team, Baidu statistics all the functions of innovative research and development, and the user needs of in-depth understanding is reflected in the Baidu statistics.

It is reported that after this major upgrade, Baidu statistics has been realized real-time statistics, increased IP statistics, can help webmasters timely, comprehensive, accurate grasp of the flow situation. As Baidu last year launched the products, Baidu statistics in the performance of the continuation of Baidu has always been simple, stable, reliable product characteristics, it is worth the webmaster trust.

At the same time, Baidu was born in the function of Baidu statistics has many irreplaceable advantages, including accurate integration of Baidu Index, Baidu related popular search terms, the list and other important unique resources, and can accurately measure the effectiveness of web site promotion and the status of the site, to help the webmaster quickly promote the site promotion capabilities. And in the general statistical function, relying on the strong technical capabilities of Baidu, Baidu statistics on the flow of analysis than similar products more detailed, in-depth, such as providing: subdirectory reports, geographical and source of cross analysis, visitor access trajectory analysis, transformation target analysis, bounce rate, such as flow quality measurement indicators.

Some people said that, looking at the current market situation, webmaster to the statistical tools of increasing demand, is the site standard. However, the existing flow statistics products in recent two years to upgrade are very few, the original function has been unable to meet the needs of stationmaster. And because of the lack of profitability, free flow statistics software facing the shortage of funds, service instability and other common problems, the market needs a strength, can stabilize the flow of statistics products to provide services. Therefore, Baidu statistics move, will accelerate the domestic free statistical system platform market changes, for the market to the benign side of the development of a strong role in helping push.

Baidu Vice President Shawn recently in this year's Baidu Alliance summit also said that Baidu's main focus on the best things to match the best demand. and shows that the Baidu statistical system does not affect the site included, the number of small and medium Web site traffic rankings and Baidu statistical system has no direct relationship.

Baidu Federation general manager Shanda also from the revenue, service and growth of the three major aspects of the 2010 years to explain the development strategy of Baidu Alliance, which Baidu statistics for Baidu Alliance according to the alliance partners in different stages of growth to provide a series of differentiated services, this statistical system will be permanently free to Baidu Alliance members Open, This also better interpretation of the Baidu Alliance "let partners Stronger" this concept.

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