Baidu to enter the field of IM and the pros and cons of the analysis

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Baidu to enter the possibility of IM or mailbox

Robin Li has been on the blog to interact with netizens whether the development of mailbox issues, the support of many netizens, this appeal can not be fully revealed Baidu will develop mailbox services, because this is only a point of understanding the needs of netizens on the basis of a tentative question.

Perhaps a lot of netizens often open, simply also not a few can open, because this is Baidu internal Communication Service tool, external is not public.

Now mailbox services do the best netease counted one, but also the strongest one, Baidu by virtue of its own brand advantage push Mailbox Service support rate is very high. The younger group occasionally will see some friends with Baidu mailbox is very envy, hope to get a, know that have a friend of the mailbox is Baidu employees, and now graduates into Baidu can easily get a long-awaited Baidu mailbox, which has become a lot of college students in the expectation of brand services. Red wine is a high-grade luxury, by many business people's favor, if the mailbox positioning a luxury, then NetEase, SOHU, Sina, etc. are ordinary type, and Baidu is a value luxury. The original Gmail to enable the invitation to get mailbox to now can register at random compared to the brand value has gradually lost the halo of the past, Baidu has not yet provided a mailbox service is her direction, just a time period. Mailbox service launched the day is tens of millions of netizens struggling to look forward to the day, Baidu is to achieve the effect of this brand transmission, so as to reflect a market brand value.

Enter the IM opinion countless, expect to change is disappointed, this is only short-lived, before long ago Baidu has revealed that the development of IM is sooner or later things, perhaps now in development, perhaps also in the internal testing (the possibility of small), and the mail service is connected.

potential intention to develop IM or mailbox

e-mail and IM are an interactive tool, and habits and personal values are linked, VIP mailbox is a noble to levy, Baidu positioning is also in this trend, although not launched at present, but this makes netizens expect service has formed a brand positioning.

Any company launched products are related to the market, the development of IM will be Baidu bar, know, encyclopedia and other user groups together to achieve a deep level of interaction, followed by the dissemination of the power of netizens to carry out brand communication, and then the current competitive ranking users of the Business Contacts tool (similar to Ali Wangwang).

E-mail is the ranking users of the value of the integrity of the appreciation of the values, with the Baidu mailbox auction users in the trading of more reliable, which also promoted Baidu's ranking business development concept. Baidu Mailbox brand positioning is not anyone can register at will, but through friends invited to obtain, so that Baidu Mailbox formed a unique brand service.

Google will be completely out of the Chinese market, from another direction to lock more high-end user groups, thereby monopolizing the Chinese Internet industry.

Benefits of Introducing IM or mailbox

1, meet the needs of netizens

2, the user interactive Exchange platform

3. Effective market communication tools

4, bidding ranking users exchange trading tools

5. International Brand Communication Tool

the drawbacks of developing IM or mailbox

1, facing the competition of many manufacturers, QQ, NetEase, Google, etc.

2, become the Public Enemy of China's Internet, pull away from the same industry

3, challenge the market size of the powerful QQ, to enable a large number of funds to operate

4, with the mailbox service providers to launch market action, a large number of financial, human and material resources

5, similar to QQ to become a variety of services (special services) provider

Composite Index

Cooperate with the mailbox service provider, seek common development, seek the market and win the situation

with IM service providers, based on MSN, QQ and other IM tools on the Integrated IM Interactive tool

Provide additional value-added services for PPC users, close to customer relationships

Interactive communication platform for other product users, Web2.0 interaction

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