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Recently received the Baidu Developer Center Mail, told the previous Baidu Mobile station service has been upgraded to site app, site app as the name implies is can create app sites, before want to build an app is either their own production, or choose Foreign Online web App tools to achieve, Now Baidu launched the site app greatly solves the small and medium-sized website cannot build the fact of the app site.

For the computer station, mobile website, Web app diagram:

Through the legend we can see, before the computer version through the Baidu Mobile station after the display on the mobile phone, the interface seems so messy, and the use of the site app, the interface is neat a lot, also like a web app.

Below I briefly explain how to use the Baidu site App.

First step: Add a Site

Baidu site app is to convert PC station into WebApp, click URL, click Create Web App.

Step Two: Customizing effects

The site app now has three realistic effects, as shown in the app's common colors.

My current selection is the first, the navigation bar on the left side of the black interface.

Step Three: Set WebApp

This step is very important, it will determine your webapp display what kind of content, and site app do also user-friendly, visual choice, prompting you where you can delete, where can be displayed.

In general, it is not recommended to display too much content on the mobile station, listing a few main columns and content.

Finally set the Web app name, template layout, color on it.

Fourth step: Deploying Domain Names

After the web app is set up, you can deploy the domain name, the operation method is also very simple, enter a phone station domain name, such as my settings for, and in the domain management background CNAME resolution to can be.

This is your own web app even if established, and so on two business days after the audit can be normal use. And the original in Baidu Mobile station friends can be transferred directly to the site app. For the first time use of friends, but also need to verify the site, and recommended with Baidu mobile statistics tied up to facilitate viewing traffic. If the traffic is large mobile phone station can consider using Baidu Mobile Alliance.

Extended reading:

Baidu site app is to provide developers from the generation of WebApp to traffic, user introduction to the integrated service platform, is also the first web app online generation service platform, officially launched on September 3.

Source: Lu Songsong Blog (/qq No.: 13340454), welcome to share this article, reproduced please keep the source!

Baidu Web App online build platform site app experience

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