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The traffic from search engines is already an important part of website traffic. Therefore, I pay special attention to the update of search engines. I always hope that my website will be indexed more and more by Baidu every day, now I will tell you the approximate Update Time of Baidu, saving you the trouble of site every day and increasing the quality of Seo websites with more time.

BaiduThe big Update Time of is11 and 26 every month, Especially the 26th, with the largest update range and the most k-site.

Small Update Time: every Thursday.The Update time is at a.m. Updates are usually updated at a.m., which has no effect on website traffic. Only by noon will Baidu readjust the keyword search of the website, and there will be a huge change in traffic, natural traffic increases and decreases naturally.

According to the latest observation and analysis, the Baidu Update Time is roughlyTwice a month!

As a qualified webmaster, it is appropriate to know the Update Time and Frequency of the search engine. it is also a basic quality. baidu, as the search leader, can be said to be a constant of thousands of webmasters, despite the frequent abuse of webmasters. however, you have to do everything you can to put your website in front. I will not talk about any profound technical issues today. let's talk about the frequency and cycle of updating a hundred-degree engine. in the unit of one week.

Get up in the morning, or it should be said that it is noon. Check the ranking. There may be some minor changes. Don't worry. It's best to change the link and add some points on this day.Article.
This day should be said to be the best time to update the article (for the purpose of adding a record), because if there is a better article, two days of record is enough.

Not updated. update as soon as possible. don't let the spider eat it. because there will be a small update tomorrow. will it rise or fall. it is hard to say. however, it is usually more indexed. the ranking is also easy to rise a little, Baidu is updated on Tuesday every week. I believe most people know it.

Maybe you got up early, or maybe you didn't go to bed. because there will be small updates today. whether your ranking is higher or lower. don't be sad or excited. because today's updates are "not accurate. for example, you may have seen many similar examples. updates on Wednesday are often chaotic. it is often caused by a mess of rankings for no reason. here are two examples. updated on Wednesday more than 20 days ago. the term "video conference" made by a friend. in the second place, the website where the domain name expires. snapshot, or half a year ago .. after opening. it is "this domain name has expired, click here to renew" so many people feel very depressed. all to grab the domain name.

For Seo. this day is the most tense. generally, the update of the day determines the ranking of the week. chaotic results on Wednesday. generally, the update will be "corrected" this day, and sometimes the change will be very large. if your ranking falls far behind. you have to work hard for the next week. of course, it is not ruled out that the emergence of some special circumstances will make n people confused.

It's easy. the results on Thursday will not change. or rarely change. of course, I only talk about the majority. you can go to webmaster's website to see the article. go to the group to brag about X, go to a forum to see pictures and take down the hair. haha. but it is best to update the website.

A day that makes many people worry a little. because there will be a small update on this day, but it is not the chaotic situation on Wednesday. even if there is a change, it will not be too large. we can regard it as a small supplement on Thursday. of course, the premise is that you should not use cheating tricks.

It is estimated that the webmaster rarely has Sunday. The first week of busy work... update the website. Change the link. Go to the webmaster's website to read the article. Go to my website to learn the technology... go to the XX Forum to see the picture...

The above is the Update Time of the week. Many people say that the update time is from to every day. (many webmasters are also used to reading updates and then going to bed)
Careful friends should be able to find out. the most stable update. it should be after a.m. from the perspective of long cycle. there will be two relatively large updates each month. most people agree with this statement on the 11th and 26th/28th.


Google update time:

Prediction: recording time: 1st days after the update; Update Time: updated every seven days (with a low ranking impact); major update time: updated every month (with a high ranking impact ), the PR value is updated once every three months (updated on January 1, September 20, and so on), because the total Update Time for different servers is one week. Google has two types of crawlers: indexing crawlers, which are specially used for indexing websites, and ranking crawlers. These crawlers are used for integrated computing and response connections, it is also important for ranking stability and position. Therefore, some new sites are not very good or very poor when they are indexed. This is because of the first crawler, but do not worry if the website is down, it takes effect when the second crawler comes in three months. In addition, Google researchers found a simple way to check whether several Google image sites are the same, because during the Google update process, they always use or as the update test site, during this period, the number of pages indexed in the last two sites is different from that of the primary site. For example, when we there is a situation: three sites search for the same keyword, the number of results is different, which indicates that Google is updating. Google, a large-scale update called googledance (dog dancing) outside China, has a website dedicated to helping us check whether he is dancing.


Yahoo update

Yahoo's daily update time is am-. Generally, after you find that your website's website has been indexed less frequently than the previous day, in 30 minutes, you will find that the number of indexed items increases. it takes about one to two months to update the system. Yahoo! Record: it generally takes about one month. However, if your website architecture is good, Code is included within 10 days if it complies with W3C and the content is original.

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