Ballmer: windows cost and security are both better than Linux

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[Saidi Net News] on the same day Novell and Dell announced an important Linux contract on September 10, October 27, Microsoft CEO Ballmer sent a memorandum to the customer, it is claimed that Windows has more advantages than Linux.

In this four-page memo, Ballmer claims that Novell, RedHat, IBM, and other Linux vendors are charged, it greatly exceeds the value of technical services and support, product warranty, and license deposits.

Ballmer said: "There is no doubt that customers should benefit from healthy competition in the IT industry. Now the customer has a better chance than ever before, and can select the right product after full evaluation ." He also said: "It is clear that Windows provides a lower total cost of ownership than Linux, and there are fewer security vulnerabilities in windows, moreover, Windows responds to security vulnerabilities much faster than Linux. Microsoft is also better than other products in terms of intellectual property protection ."

To support his argument, Ballmer also cited the findings of Forrester, Yankee, Meta Group, and other research companies and local customers.

Ballmer also said that regal entertainment became a Red Hat Linux customer in 2001, but later switched to the Microsoft platform because it provided more satisfactory protection for Windows than Linux.

Ballmer also stated in the memorandum that customers such as SAP and Renke should switch to Windows to save server costs.

Full text source: Saidi

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