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Previously, I used omnigraffle to draw some concept and prototype diagrams, or directly use cmaptools. Recently, I found a very good prototype drawing tool called balsamiq mockups on the Internet. This tool was developed with Adobe AIR and has good support for various platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) as long as the operating environment of Adobe AIR is installed on the system. Balsamq mockups's official website address is The website provides the demo version and the paid version (USD 79). download and use the demo version. You can use all the rendering functions of the paid version, but cannot export images. However, you can use the clipboard to bypass this restriction (the experiment was successful on MAC ). First, paste the image information to the clipboard in a shortcut, and then paste the cut data to the editor to save it. You can perform other operations to restore the data saved in the editor to the balsamq mockups.

It is quite commendable that all the graphic styles are hand-drawn styles. You may feel different ~! The following are two images that I spent a short time on. One is the style chart that my blog browsed using a browser, and the other is the browsing effect on my mobile phone.

With this powerful prototype creation tool, you can think about it and quickly model your ideas ~! I would like another one ~!


Mobile browsing Style Design Interface


The final effect of the mobile browsing Effect


Browser browsing design interface


Forming effect of browser browsing


~~~ End ~~~

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